SmartThings not working on new phone

Have had SmartThings working for a couple of years. Just got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 9). This came with the new SmartThings app pre-installed. It acted as if I was a new user and didn’t recognize the hub, even after logging in. Installed the classic app, now it’s doing the same thing.

Cleared all data/cache and force stopped the apps. Tried classic app only, and it’s doing the same thing. If I try to enter the original welcome code, it tells me that the code is invalid since it’s already registered.

SmartThings is becoming quite frustrating, such a simple thing as logging into your account and importing hubs/devices.

Anyone have any suggestions before I throw this thing in the garbage?

Before you got the new phone, were you using a SmartThings account or Samsung account to login to your app?

Smartthings account.

I’m sure the problem isn’t the Note 9, it’s got something’s to do with migrating to a new phone. I mentioned the Note 9 because it came preloaded with the new app.

You should contact ST support and see if they can migrate your ST account to your Samsung account that is being used on the new phone :slight_smile:

You can try logging out of the Classic app, choose new user and select SmartThings to login. Not sure it that will work or not, but worth trying.

Thanks for the info. The classic app doesn’t provide the opportunity to use a different account. I even tried deleting the Samsung account, the only option was to log back into it.

Very frustrating for something that should be a simple process.

Before setup smart things, create smart things account. After creating account, setup it on your smart phone following step by step instructions.