Migrating to new phone

I am doing a phone upgrade and thought all I would have to do on the new phone was install Smartthings and log into the account.

After some finaggling, I have most of the devices listed on the new phone, but when I tap on the device, they don’t open, i.e. give me access. Both phones share a common email address so I would think all settings and info would be common to both as I thought the info was in the cloud?

For each item, it is showing the proper status, i.e. clear for a smoke detector, and shows the keypad doorlock as locked. Of all the items in the list, I can only open the cordless phone and fitness band. Nothing else? It is as if the new phone doesn’t have edit status, only view status? Help please!

Does this mean you are logging in with the same Samsung account on both phones in the ST app?

yes, I am migrating the account/data from old phone to new phone. I assumed the new phone’s info would be a mirror image of old phone, i.e. same signon on both should have the same info on both?


Disable get location for this phone in the ST app on the new phone and also the old phone if itis still available. Login to IDE and ensure the phone presence got removed. Go back to the new phone and enable get location for this phone and then add back to your routines.