New phone and all my rooms and devices are missing!

Just upgraded to a new phone. I re-downloaded Smartthings and logged in but no devices show! What gives?!? I tried adding my hub again with the verification code but it says it’s already associated and to contact support!

It can’t be this hard?!? People change phones all the time and I don’t think they would make you reset up everything all over again! Some of my smart motions and associated switches still work so the hub has all my settings.

When I changed phones all I had to do was log into my old smart things account.

Nope, you’re not doing something right. I’ve gone through tons of phones, used other’s phones, tablets, etc, etc. without a problem. Once your account and hub is set up, all you need to do is log on to the app.

After logging into your account on your new phone, tap the little kabob menu (three vertical dots upper right). Tap location and then choose the location that you have your things at.

You should have your things back then.


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Figured it out. It was too stupid for me to admit on here what was wrong, but let me just say it was all my fault. :grimacing: