Cannot add hub to app - missing Hubs device category (and many others)

(Sergio Brinkhuis) #1

Hi everyone,

Hoping to be an active member of this community in the future. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately our setup of the hub in the app did not succeed. Inline with the instructions booklet, I downloaded and installed the app, created an account and… then it stopped.

I am reading online that I need to add the hub via “Add device” and then “Hubs” but the category “Hubs” does not exist. Many others (Bulbs, Thermostats, Sensors and others) are also missing.

Does anyone have experience with this issue?

(Jimmy) #2

unfortunately there are multiple hubs and multiple apps, so we’ll need to know which ones you are using.

(Sergio Brinkhuis) #3

Ugh. :slight_smile:

I’m using this app:

The hub we got is the SmartThings (UK) V2 hub.

(Dan) #4

You may want to try the SmartThings Classic app instead. The vast majority of users are still using the Classic App. The new SmartThings (Connect) app still is missing quite a bit of functionality that is available in the old app.

(Sergio Brinkhuis) #5

Thanks for the advice. I have it working in the old app.

Hope Samsung will fix this soon. If your first “contact” with a new product is that it requires you to NOT do what the instructions say, it’s not a great first start.

On the plus side, I’m already having fun with custom smartapps made by the community - the community works well!

(Benny Chan) #6

Hi, I have the same issues, which versio of app can fix the issues ?

Thank you for your help.