Cannot add hub to app - missing Hubs device category (and many others)

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Unfortunately our setup of the hub in the app did not succeed. Inline with the instructions booklet, I downloaded and installed the app, created an account and… then it stopped.

I am reading online that I need to add the hub via “Add device” and then “Hubs” but the category “Hubs” does not exist. Many others (Bulbs, Thermostats, Sensors and others) are also missing.

Does anyone have experience with this issue?

unfortunately there are multiple hubs and multiple apps, so we’ll need to know which ones you are using.

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Ugh. :slight_smile:

I’m using this app:

The hub we got is the SmartThings (UK) V2 hub.

You may want to try the SmartThings Classic app instead. The vast majority of users are still using the Classic App. The new SmartThings (Connect) app still is missing quite a bit of functionality that is available in the old app.

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Thanks for the advice. I have it working in the old app.

Hope Samsung will fix this soon. If your first “contact” with a new product is that it requires you to NOT do what the instructions say, it’s not a great first start.

On the plus side, I’m already having fun with custom smartapps made by the community - the community works well!


Hi, I have the same issues, which versio of app can fix the issues ?

Thank you for your help.

I think you should check your account country of origin also. That is the key to seeing devices.

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I have identical problem: the latest SmartThings App (installed on 2018/11/22) does not display any devices to add, only nine appliances. My Samsung Account has no specific country of origin and I created a new Location without specifying its geolocation. So my new hub v.3 is useless!

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a bad product setup experience?!

The URL given in the manual points to - As salesy rather that start / device setup page, there is no mention of different apps (new SmartThings app and SmartThings classic) and, if the user assumes that the latest SmartThings app is the one to use, the instructions don’t work since there is no way of adding a Hub (no Hub category etc, only 6-7 categories for vacumms and washing machines…)…

Came here to find out that it seems most folks have to use the SmartThings Classic app to setup the Hub so trying that now… Entered the Welcome Code and now told “Setting up your Hub… It may take 5 to 30 minutes…” … with no clear progress indication so I guess I’ll just have to wait until either it finally notifies me it is setup or it errors…

Overall, very bad initial user experience…

Where can I check the country of origin? I’ve checked my samsung account information and there is no mention of country/location/country of origin… Nor is there any information anywhere about how/why this would affect the devices / hubs I can see…

After 10 days and two e-mails I’ve got a response from SmartThings:

Thanks for reaching out, we appreciate your patience.

I looked into the situation for you, and I regret to inform you that certain SmartThings features, like adding a hub, is not yet supported in Australia. That would explain why you haven’t been able to locate an option on the application to add a WiFi/Hub device. I understand that you were migrating to a different hub, so I would recommend taking a look in the SmartThings Community to see if any of our members have found a way to successfully connect their devices in your area.

It answers the question but does not solve the problem. Hope someone knows how to work around this.

Email Samsung and tell them you moved to the USA and to move your Samsung account to that region

Solved one problem, but new ones appeared…
I’ve installed a VPN software (IPVanish) and connected via a US server. Then downloaded the SmartThings App. Now the list of “Supported Devices” includes a Wi-Fi/Hub under “Home Appliances”, but under “Devices and Sensors” there is only a very limited choice for devices. Most importantly, there are no outlets/switches. This is very frustrating, to say it mildly. I was able to connect the Hub v.3 and managed to connect some of my sensors, but had no luck with the WeMo and the Sonoff switches. At this stage I think I’ll go back to the old hub v.1 as all my devices, device handlers and SmartApps worked fine. It was very naive of me to think that installing the new hub and SmartThings App will be a step in the right direction.
Merry Christmas to everyone!

If you got the hub added, install the classic app and carry on with the V3 hub.

Thanks, Jimmy.
How to connect hub v.3 via the classic app? The app asks for the code which, I presume, is a six-letter code associated with the old hub.

Logout and login as new user. If your devices aren’t showing up, check for a duplicate location in the more menu.

Thanks, Jimmy.
It worked eventually, even when I logged in using my old account, but to connect the hub v3 I had to be on VPN with an US server and use the new Samsung Connect App. Once the hub v3 is added, close the app, disconnect VPN, load the classic SmartThings App and add all old devices and Automations. It does work now! The question is: for how long? I’m definitely not investing any more in the hardware until the system is more reliable.

I got this Smartthings hub (2018) working in Europe… and these were my steps:
Used my iPhone X and the V3 Smartthings hub 2018: (But Galaxy will work to…it is just the way I did it)
Do NOT attache the hub to your router/switch, we will use wifi insteed later.
Prepare a VPN ( with USA server) on your phone…

  1. Delete the Samsung Smartthings connected App (the new one, not the classic: Classic will not be able to link the hub never)

  2. I changed my iPhone to region USA, and language USA and restarted the IPhone.

  3. Use VPN (with USA Server !!!) to enter App store and download/install SmartThings app
    (again this will be the USA version of the app) from USA app store

  4. Open this app and make NEW account with a new email account (not important which email
    as long it is not been used before by Samsung/Galaxy)

  5. You need an USA zip code, linked to your new account ( no matter what zip code)

  6. Install the hub as usual (add new device …etc…etc.) but use WIFI to connect to hub: NOT Ethernet…

After this the hubs is installed and updates were installed too.
It looks a bit like Apple Homekit…but I have to exploire it well.

  1. I changed my phone’s language back to my native language ( and restarted it). No problem’s
  2. I changed my phone’s region back to my country (and restarted it). No problems…

So the trick is: Use VPN (usa server) while download the app
and use a fresh email account and sign in at samsung(galaxy) server in the USA to make new account.

It is working fine now, in my own language and I am able to connect to all other brands
(Hue, Osram,Danalock etc…) and add/controll them.

Really? I do not understand why Samsung put this region restriction in this hub…it is perfect now!

That’s all folks
Have fun!

Hansel’s steps are correct. However, I was able to connect Hub v.3 in the SmartThings Classic as well as in the new App. The Classic app has one big advantage: It can display sensor parameter of MY choice! For example, I’m using water sensor to measure temperature and have modified the device handler to display the temperature rather than the “Dry/Wet” status. It works perfectly in the Classic app, but stubbornly displays “Dry” in the new App. I’ve seen discussion about this problem in this Forum (Schedules & Automations section), but there seems to be no obvious solution. When (and if) I solve that problem, I’ll post my solution in the relevant thread.

Hey guys I’m from trinidad and there’s a much simpler fix that worked for me.

I downloaded an APK version of the samsung connect app from

After I followed the steps and did not get any region restriction messages. Was able to use the join by wifi option and scan the QR code.