V3 hub not found in app

I just got a new SmartThings v3 hub and it isn’t found in the SmartThings app. I have it plugged into my network and the led is flashing red and green. The app searches for a bit then says no devices found. I tried factory resetting it using the small hole in the back (connect power with button pressed until led stops flashing yellow) and that didn’t help. I’m stumped and ready to return it. Any ideas on what may be going on?

What country are you in? Are you using the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app to setup the hub?

I am in the US. I am using the SmartThings app to connect (not SmartThings classic)

Are you expanding the menu on the add device screen to choose the specific hub you are trying to add?

Yeah, I search for hub, then pick the V3 SmartThings hub that I am using.

After reading the last suggestion I checked the app again. Instead of searching for the hub and hitting add from the search results, I browsed to the hub through the Wi-Fi/hub category and was able to add it successfully. Thanks for the advice.

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