SmartThings Hub (2018) not being found by the app


I bought the SmartThings Hub one week ago. Today I’m trying to set it up on the app but the app keeps telling me that the hub is not ready yet. I have followed the on-screen instructions but nothing happens when I tap “Next” when the LED is blinking green and red, the app just complaints.

Has anyone had this problem? How am I supposed to add the hub?

I’m using the SMARTTHINGS app Version 1.7.17-25

reset the hub, then check to see if you can find the hub to add it. Also, what region are you in?

I have already reset it but it is still doing the same. The app just can’t see it.

I’m in the USA

contact ST support at :slight_smile:


Did you get it working ? I have the same problem, bought another hub, still didn’t work. Called support - hit button to hold my place in line, they called back at 8:58 Pm and hung up on me (they close at 9), now it’s sunday. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

It turns out that the problem was the country on my account. It was set as Mexico and I live in the US so that’s why I wasn’t able to set it up.