What have I done? Sunrise sunset?

I have no idea if I am posting this in the correct place but here goes.
I recently migrated all my Leviton switches from Wink to Smartthings.
Everything is going well. Almost.
Two switches appear to be going on at Sunrise, off at Sunset.
I may be done something somewhere to make that happen but I cannot remember.
I need to cancel them.
I know when I go into the switch on the smarthings app I does not say timer is enabled.
Can someone point silly here in the right direction as to what else (something other than the smartthings app?) I might have enabled?

If you login to the ide and click a device, it’ll show you a list of “In use by” and you can go from there.


That’s OK, I have no idea which section of the forum I am reading.

When you look at the switch page in the mobile app you will only see anything for ‘Timer’, ‘Power on’ or ‘Power off’, if that is where you set it up.

Other places you could consider are the Automations, which you can get to by clicking on the hamburger menu on the dashboard page and clicking on the icon, or the Smart Lighting smart app which you can get to via SmartApps in the same way. When checking either, consider the possibility turning the lights on or off is something you added to a Scene.

I’m assuming you haven’t messed around with the ‘Classic’ app (and the Routines in that) and that you’d certainly know all about it if you were using webCoRE.

You could also log into the IDE at the URL account.smartthings.com and then click on My Devices from the menu across the top of the page (or Devices in the hamburger menu on smaller screens). That gives you a list of your devices and if you click on the name of one of your switches it will bring up a page that will tell you what it is ‘In Use By’. That is typically only going to show apps created in the older Classic environment, and even then may only show them if they respond to changes in your lights rather than just control them.


Thank you.
I checked my ST app. No timers are on in the app.
Went to account.smartthings.com and clicked on My Devices. No devices.
Sorry, where do I find the hamburger icon on the Dashboard page? App? Account? I do not see it anywhere?

By dashboard I meant the page that the Smartthings mobile app opens up on, the one with all your devices shown.

By 'hamburger’I meant the usual menu icon you tend to see on mobile devices. The three horizontal lines.

I didn’t think you were advertising a Wendy’s hot a juicy. :slight_smile:
Then again, never heard it called that before, I smiled, then thought “cool name”.
So, speaking of … where does one find this calorie laden indulgence?

This is in the new app…

Then click SmartApps or Automations to check if any have the devices being used.

Getting somewhere.
In my app I found the hamburger.
Then selected Automations.
See Upcoming task under the light that I want to STOP turning on.
At the bottom of the screen it says “Quick controls are created on the details screen for each device. You can tap a quick control to make changes.”
So I tap the device Upcoming 5:47pm and I end up at the detail screen for said node.
And there, VOILA it says nothing. No timer. Round in circles. :frowning:

Any more ideas, Andrew?

I’m thinking lol… So when you go into IDE and click devices, it shows no devices. Try this… After logging into IDE, from the drop down in the top right, select Locations. Then you should see your hub listed. On that line, click devices. Now you should see all devices connected to your hub. Now try checking if those devices have anything listed for “In use by”.

Also, in the new app… After clicking the hamburger menu button, click History. Scroll down to the time this happens and see if you can see the execution for the devices you are referring to being turned on and maybe it will list why (usually notated by “as you requested” if part of an automation).

It says I have no locations!
I am in https://graph-na04-useast2.api.smartthings.com/location/list

I give up …