Where did the "turn off after x minutes" setting go?

(Dr. Miguelito Loveless) #1

I am setting up a light to come one when a door is opened, and turn off after 10 minutes. Before the update this option appeared when you were configuring a switch and could set at the same time, now it is gone, so I have a way to turn the light on, but must manually turn it off.


Missing. See the following topic:

(Kevin Tierney) #3

Is the door being closed after open? If so, it’s there, but hidden behind an option. Otherwise yes, it’s missing

(Dr. Miguelito Loveless) #4

Thanks, found it. A bit counter-intuitive.


Look again–in The previous version of the app using shortcut groups, you could turn off after X minutes without needing to have a sensor involved.

In the 2.0 version of the app, using smart lights, you can only turn off if you used a sensor of some kind to turn on. If you just use a switch, the feature is missing.

So it’s not just the counterintuitive UI issue that the turn off appears when you’re setting up a turn on.

Rather, it’s a truly missing feature: the ability to set a timer to turn off without requiring a separate sensor device to turn it on.

If you found an actual timer option to turn a light on for 15 minutes that doesn’t require a sensor, please let us know.

(Kevin Tierney) #6

I agree that the triggers need at a minimum turn off after X regardless of the on trigger, but in @DrMiguelitoLoveless’s case, There was a way to work around the missing functionality


My bad, I missed that he was already using the contact sensor. Thanks for the correction!


It used to be called “Light Power Allowance” under the green living smart app which has been removed. I’m looking for the same thing here. No sensors involved just manually turn the light on and have it shut off after x minutes.

(Scott) #9

I’m looking for the same thing since lights and switches was done away with.


@bravenel has just posted code to do this. :sunglasses: look at post 20 in the following: