Can't control z-wave switches

I have a V2 hub and it stopped working correctly yesterday night. It no longer responds to commands from the app(IOS), nor will it respond to my amazon echo commands. Scheduled routines are no longer working as well. The status of the light switches do update when I physically press a switch and the activity log is correct.

I have tried:

  1. rebooting router multiple times
  2. rebooting hub multiple times
  3. disabling/enabling z-wave module from the graph.api.smarthings site
  4. repairing z-wave network

Anything else I should try?

Mine stopped Tuesday evening. Totally dead. Lights work, but nothing else.

I’ve been having the same problem. Did you do a hard reboot of your hub? Aka remove the batteries unplug the network connection and the power for more than 10 to 15 seconds? When I do a hard reboot things are restored for a period of time, but within 24 hours everything is broken again. You might give it a shot and see if it helps restore things temporarily. I have a ticket open with support. This started happening after the firmware update for me. I’ve seem similar post here, indicating were not alone. Not that that really helps much. :frowning:

I totally forgot that there are backup batteries in the unit. Thanks for reminding me. They really need a power button. Hopefully it stays alive for a while.

There is a restart button on the hub…it’s red

Always thought that was a reset button… As in wipe everything out and start over… :smile:

FYI, support just got back with me and indicated that this appears to be a newly found issue that they are tracking… No ETA on a fix/cause yet, but they are looking into it…

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That would have been just awesome, but no, it’s just a reboot.

I never knew that. That’s what i get for turning an old linen closet with no lights into a networking closet.

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Sorry guys, this is a new issue and we’re working to resolve it.

Add me into the list of people who can’t control my Z-wave\zigbee devices. I rebooted my hub last night and had control for about 30 seconds before it stopped responding. I can still control cloud to cloud devices and my wemos but that’s it.
I let support know but would really like to hear an acknowledgement to whether they know the cause.
Is this a local app\device processing issue?
If yes then please just turn the local crap off for now until it’s ready for the masses. Maybe give us the ability to access or debug the local app Engine functions so we can troubleshoot it ourselves or at a minimum give us the ability to enable or disable apps from local processing of the existing local apps as we see fit in these type of scenarios.

Honestly i’m at the point now where I just wish you guys could just do a complete shutdown of the platform for a week and re-work or revamp all of the backend infrastructure and if necessary have us all start over with a fresh install on a stable platform. It would be worth the time/effort in my eyes to re-add/configure all my apps and devices in comparison to the daily troubleshooting that’s involved now.

I realize that the above would never happen, but in some familiar way this all just feels like Samsung and the way they handle their android device firmwares. I’m not stating anything new when I say that there is little positive in this community lately. The only thing positive i’ve seen lately in the community is the excitement around @bravenel’s Rule Machine. Other than that something needs to give. We are tired of waiting months on promises for things to get better, but instead the platform is only getting worse and more unstable. Since I have had my hub v2 there has not been more than 2 consecutives days in a row where there was not some sort of Mobile App issues, Scheduling failure, Routines not firing, etc. requiring me to open\close apps.

‘Something has to change!!!’


Add me into the list as well and I also agree 100% with you tonesto7. I don’t know anymore what I can rely on or if I should continue to build up my smart home using ST. Don’t miss understand me, I really love what I am capable of doing with ST, but as tonesto7 said, it is unstable now and I am getting worried about it

Exact same thing happens to me and then they randomly start working again a few hours later.

Just as FYI - I installed the v2 hub ~ 6 weeks ago and it was working flawlessly for a few weeks. Then all of a sudden, starting the last few weeks, this issue has been occurring and has made smart things unusable.

We should share similarities with our setup to help debug

-I have Sonos Devices connected
-Running smart tiles
-Have GE z-wave switches and dimmers
-Running an Asus AC68U router
-Located in Los Angeles

This is completely unacceptable. Why hasn’t there been any announcements or updates?
Not having schedules work I could stomach but extremely limited to no control at all I don’t think so!
My system was completely unmanageable this weekend. With the exception of my cloud connected devices I couldn’t turn anything local (Zigbee\Z-Wave) on and off.

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@slagle @Ben
Ok I hope I’m not asking too much but I think we deserve an explanation as to why some of us can’t control our devices. Are there just a select few of us that are seeing this issue? If so what’s the plan to resolve it.
I’ve reset my hub and can’t control anything at all. Lights turned on and were on all day while I was at work. This is flipping insane!!! How do this company expect to succeed with so many consistent issues. At least when Wink bricked all of those Hubs they sent out notices and kept everyone in the know as to what was happening until it was resolved. Support has not responded (not surprised). I can’t do anything with my system and all we get is silence.
I’ve removed my Sonos devices and smart apps as well as removed all SHM functions.

Can somebody please help us out?

Not sure if this is it… Just got this…

As @smart mentioned, there is a known outage right now. We are working to resolve it as fast as we can. Keep a lookout on the status page for further updates. Sorry for any inconvenience.

As for the other issues please make sure to reach out to support, if you haven’t already, they are tracking these issues and filtering these up to engineering for a larger fix.

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We love you, Tim! :slight_smile:

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yea it popped up right after pressing send :smile:

My issue is this has been a problem since middle of last week. Except now there is no trick that is working to help restore partial control. This is the first acknowledgement I’ve seen to the issue.

Other than this one?