Zwave Outage? (13 September 2018)

Anyone else not getting responses from zwave devices?

Yup. Nothing responding. Wifey no happy…

Zigbee and cloud integrated devices (tplink plugs) are still working. But no zwave love.

I can’t control anything, zwave or zigbee. All my sensors are reporting changes correctly though (temp, motion, power, etc).

[Edit: I have a GE zwave switch which shows off/on changes to the physical switch, but can’t be controlled from the app. I have several Cree zigbee bulbs which are “active” but can’t be controlled, I have “Iris” zigbee plugs which update on/off status with physical switch changes and reports power changes but also can’t be controlled, and motion and door sensors which update status.]

Same here. I rebooted hub and it started working again and then stopped after 30 minutes. Rebooted again and same behavior. Clearly a system issue.

[Edit] I did a hard reboot by removing batteries too and it is back online at least for now. I have over 120 devices so if things aren’t working I know it isn’t a specific thing issue.

[Edit 2] Nope… stopped working again after about 30 minutes.

Same problems here. Reboot made it work temporarily and then stopped again later.

Same here. Sensors reporting but little to no control. Hub hard reboot restores operation for a while.

I put in a support request but there is no outage reported on the status page.

I just reached out to the engineers I know at ST…Had the same issue but not a reoccurance after a reboot (hard one…pulled power).

For me a hard reboot only gives me 1-2 minutes of control before devices stop responding to commands again.

They must still be working on it…mine has been stable after the first reboot for 45 min. They are working on it I believe…keep the faith!

Wish they’d give some type of notification that they are going to be working on the system and we will experience issues. I nearly tear apart my whole network, hub, devices, etc trying to figure out the issues. Not happy the way smartthings goes about updates with not a care in the word for its customers.

I’m having issues as well. My Z-Wave and Zigbee devices are offline.

I have to get up to turn off the light. Don’t like it.

Kidding aside, I have this setup with automations that took me months to get it to work the way I want. We got so used to the conveniences that it is a headache not just for me but the wife and other people in the house when things don’t work.

I too contacted support. Hopefully things start working soon.

Still offline for me, power cycle restores google home commands for z wave devices but only for a few minutes, classic app is acting insanely…

Still having issues here. All my scene controllers are “dead in the water” and my utility-closet located zwave switches non-responsive to the ST classic app.

I am experiencing a similar problem. Things have been good for me until last night… unable to control devices. I noticed that when I go to IDE everything looks good but when I look at live logging, I don’t see anything there… If I reboot the hub, things work for a while but then stop again.

Mine is not working either, just saw this on the status page…no, it is not working!

Sep 14, 2018

Device Control Issues

Resolved - The device control issues some users experienced in the new and Classic SmartThings apps have been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact us via if you have any questions.
Sep 14, 04:08 EDT

Investigating - Starting around 6PM ET some users started experiencing issues controlling devices via the new and Classic SmartThings apps. We are currently investigating and will provide updates as available.
Sep 14, 03:15 EDT

Yep, you’re pretty much describing what I’m seeing this morning. Last night none of my two channel modules are working, when I reset the hub everything was working before went to bed.

All of my real, locally connected devices show as “HUB_DISCONNECTED” in the IDE. Nothing is working.

Edit: Just noticed there is a “Hub Offline” message on my phone.
About to reboot the hub.

Edit2: Had to pull batteries to force the reboot, seems to be back online. Just received another hub offline message, but things continue to function.

I pulled batteries last night things started working when I went to bed. This morning things not working from the app but automations like bathroom light and fan coming on via door sensor are working. I’m about to Power cycle the hub again.

Update 9:00pdt - Power cycle the hub including battery removal, worked for 30-40 minutes now it’s failed again.
Like before, it seems that some local automation is working, bathroom light and fan turning on via emotion and door switch.
Everything is showing online as far as my app is concerned.