Can't add Wemo App to Smartthings

Hi there,

Do you know if something is wrong with the Wemo App and ST v2 latest firmware upgrade?

I’m been having a lot of issues with my wemo switches lately (appeared to be offline, automation failing, etc), so I decided to uninstall the switches and wemo app, but now when I try to install it from Marketplace (or even a customized Smart App version), I’ll get the following error:

To use SmartThings Labs, your Hub should be completely up to date.
To update your Hub, access Location Settings in the Main Menu (tap the gear next to your location name), select your Hub, and choose “Update Hub”

My hub (v2) was upgraded by Smartthings last week to the latest version (000.014.00026).

Note: the wemo switches work with the ios wemo app and ifttt

Any ideas?


I installed this a few weeks ago without issue. That was before any server/mobile app updates so I am guessing something has gone wacky since then. Sounds like an issue for support… I gather you are using iOs. Wonder if this probelm occurs under android as well

I know that’s frustrating. It’s a recent problem affecting many third-party service managers, including Wemo, Hue, Sonos, DLink cameras, Netatmo, etc. It’s being tracked in the community-created wiki in the known issues section:,_Wemo,_etc)

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I’ve noticed this issue last Friday when I was trying to update my Hue (Connect) configuration. It’s showing the same message “Upgrade needed!” on Wemo, Netatmo, etc… when you try to edit/update the configuration.
I’ve opened a support ticket and like @JDRoberts said they responded saying that they are aware of this issue.

Thank you for the information @JDRoberts. I hope they fix the issue soon.

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This is the response that I got from support today:

"Unfortunately there is no workaround at the moment, but they have identified the problem and will have a fix released (on our side) by the end of next week. Sorry again for the trouble. We will follow up with you once we have pushed the fix out. Thanks for your patience.

Best Regards,
SmartThings Support"

So I guess that we will have to wait for at least another week to be able to add third party devices to ST.

I’ve got this identical issue with wemo.
Can’t add any new wemo switches currently ;(

I assume it must have started after the ST software update last week.

Seems to be working again for me.
I didn’t change anything… i assume it was fixed at backend.

It was fixed in the backend