Wemo Misbehaving!

Ever since I have Integrated Wemo with ST, there have only been issues. The Wemo was working fine before the integration, but now, even the lights don’t come on (via rules in Wemo). ST almost always fails to know the state of a Wemo switch, so running automation through ST is no good. Anyone have any ideas?

I’ve had this problem too… eventually, it drove me to uninstall everything and re-do it. But before you resort to that, make sure all your firmware is up to date. ST hub and Wemo modules.

U mean redo the Wemo setup and then reintegrate to ST? Is it working fine now?

I did mine out of order…and didnt test functionality after each step, but in all I did these steps:

  1. Firmware update ST hub
  2. Firmware update each WeMo device
  3. Remove all WeMo things and SmartApps
  4. Add back to ST.

its working fine now… it’s a pain, but it might help to redo the WeMo setup too. (I did mine, but just because I setup a dedicated Wifi for HomeAutomation)

My integration was working fine until the update to iOS8 and now none of my WEMO switches turn on at sunset (thru ST) nor can they be controlled manually thru ST.

i have one wemo plug, used through smart things hub/app only
last couple weeks at least, its like not functional
keep on hitting the reset on plug

i DID NOT update my ios at all
its very strange

im thinking of removing it from smart t hings, and re-adding

question - i have a new ipad that has smartthings installed but not wemo — does it need to have both, could that be part? i thought ST logged into my account and ididnt need wemo app on every device i use ST app with, is that correct?