Can't add new user to home

Hi All,

I’m trying to add my new roommate to my SmartThings home so that we can add his phone as a presence sensor. I had him install the SmartThings Classic app (that’s what I use) and create an account, but we’re stuck in a loop where SmartThings keeps asking for a code of some sort. I assume it’s the welcome code on my hub, but it keeps saying the code is invalid when we try to enter it. I then tried to send him an invite via my app, and he got the email and was able to log into his account through Chrome (which leads me to assume that his account got confirmed and is active) but we still can’t get past the code entering screen and into the SmartThings Classic app so that we can add his phone. I had him log into IDE and noticed that there were two home locations under his account, but we can’t delete the one that isn’t my home. Anyone have any ideas??

  1. in the Classic app, you can try switching locations
  2. to remove the empty location in IDE, go to #2 in the following thread…
    FAQ: Common issues encountered migrating from a SmartThings to Samsung account (or: "Help! My hub/devices have disappeared!")

Problem is he can’t even get into the app to begin with. He can’t get past the screen that asks him to enter a code and keeps kicking him out when we try to enter the welcome code on my hub.

Have them choose New to SmartThings when logging in

Yes we did that and it brought us back to the enter code page.

Separate note…did Smartthings freak out today or something? It somehow removed a bunch of my devices and automations on its own I just noticed

You will need to contact ST support at

Yes, there have been issues.

Did you login into IDE and check to see if you have 2 locations?

Yes I was able to use your other link to remove the second location, thanks for that!

You may want to remove your friend’s account, then recreate it. Perhaps it got linked to that other location.

Cool, I’ll try that tonight, thanks!