Cannot select a community created driver from a device's avail driver list

Hello, I am not sure if this question has been answered anywhere else however, I am having a difficult time getting my V3 hub to show the avail list of edge drivers for a specific device. The driver list on my hub correctly shows the installed drivers and subscribed channels, however, when I go to change a driver currently assigned to a device (eg. Zooz 4 in 1 motion sensor or Inovelli red dimmer switch), I can only see and select what I presume are the Samsung default or production drivers (e.g. ‘Zwave sensor or Zwave switch’).

If someone can provide a specific set of steps to show the community created beta drivers that would be great as I’d like to test and compare the feature set.

Just to be clear, you have installed all the community created drivers that you are interested in?

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Yes. I have double checked the hub driver list and channels on the app. As an example, I have the Inovelli and Zooz community channel drivers installed. However, when I go to the device (e.g. Zooz 4 in 1 sensor or Inovelli red dimmer) all I get is ‘Zwave sensor’ and ‘Zwave switch’ respectively to select from.

How long ago did you subscribe to the custom channels? It can take several hours before the drivers download to your hub and become available, with some people reporting waits of up to 12 hours.

I don’t know what the production standard will be once the cutover to the new architecture is complete, but it’s definitely not instantaneous. So you may have subscribed to the channel but that doesn’t mean the selected driver has completed downloading. :thinking:

Hi @jdroberts, they were installed on Aug 19 2022. I had searched the forum and noticed someone had mentioned the 12 hr possible delay time, hence why I delayed posting my issue…The one thing I have not attempted is to reboot my hub to see if it is a cache issue. Unsure if a soft or hard reboot would be required…

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