Mystery Edge Driver

@nayelyz I noticed a new Edge driver showed up on my hub recently without any associated developer. The driver has the following info:

Driver ID: 2cbf55e3-dbc2-48a2-8be5-4c3ce756b692
Name: Z-Wave Switch
Version: 2022-08-09T19:13:44.360826402
Channel: 15ea8adc-8be7-4ea6-8b51-4155f56dc6cf

Is this part of the upcoming rollout? I don’t know where this driver came from. It isn’t part of any of my enrolled channels

That’s the channel for production ST drivers.

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Thought so. Thanks for confirming

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Did you have installed devices that used a DTH and were recently migrated?
Those are installed when this happens or automatically if you paired a device compatible with a fingerprint in the production driver version.
You can check which device is using it by listing them and using the “driverID” to look for matches.

I’m not sure how to do this. I only know how to list the channels and drivers using the CLI, not to list the edge devices themselves. How do you do this?

There’s no way to list the devices using a driver directly (I already opened a feature request for this).
So, what I do is list the devices in Postman by making a direct query to the ST API and check which entries have the desired “driverId” in their properties.
You can also list them into a JSON file using the CLI and then, make the search in a text editor.
Sample command:

sudo $home/smartthings devices -j > deviceList.json
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@nayelyz I found the switches that were converted to that driver. Thanks.

Will more drivers be added from that channel? The zwave switch driver was added automatically, but I assume other drivers will show up on their own as well.

Yes, depending on your devices installed that were paired with a stock DTH.
Here will appear those devices that have been migrated: SmartThingsEdgeDrivers/ at main · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers · GitHub

Thanks. I have others in that list, but the corresponding drivers aren’t installed. I was asking if the installation of the drivers is being rolled out in phases. I only show the zwave switch driver

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aah got it. Yes, devices are being migrated in phases but that list contains the DTHs that have been fully migrated.

Were they using the stock DTH or a custom driver already? If you transferred them to a driver, they won’t be considered in the migration.

They were using the stock drivers. Variety of zwave sensors, thermostat and switches that didn’t migrate over. I am not in the beta, just the normal platform rollout.

I have had a “Z-Wave Range Extender” Edge Driver on my hub for months that I cannot find any device that it is associated with. I have checked the IDE and cannot find any device using it. I am only using one Edge Driver and that is a custom one I installed for an Ikea shortcut button.

@nayelyz I’m still not seeing any other devices be converted over. I have a setup with devices using the stock zwave DTH for locks, motion, plugs and contacts sensors. The new edge drivers are not installed for any of these. As for the switches, only a few have switched over to the zwave switch driver. Should I expect to still see it in this “partial” state of rollout?

The migration for the Beta group continues.
Each migration is being tested, so, if you haven’t received a new one (those that aren’t in the list), it means it hasn’t been released because it is still in that process.

In my case, these are in the list. I am not in the beta, so I wasn’t sure why the zwave switch driver was installed. I’m just curious why I am in this partial state. I would expect either no edge drivers (not in beta) or all of them in the list (in the beta)