What happens when there are multiple possible edge drivers?

I’m a fast-follower, not an early adopter, so apologies if this has been discussed already, but I couldn’t find it when I searched.
Say you’ve subscribed to multiple channels – eg you have the production channel by default, plus you’ve added the Smartthings Beta channel, and you also subscribe to a number of community channels. What happens when a onboarding a device that has a matching fingerprint that’s in multiple channels, eg there are multiple possible drivers for a device?
Does the hub just randomly pick one? Is the user asked to choose?

random pick, but then you can switch the driver in the settings after

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just keep in mind that if you subscribe to multiple channels and enroll multiple Edge Drivers - there is a limit of 50 Edge Drivers

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Is that 50 drivers in use which would mean 50 devices running locally or is that 50 optional drivers.

If it’s 50 optional drivers how do you delete optional drivers. I’ve not found the interface for managing drivers and devices yet?

Lastly is the 50 devices being looked at???


It appears to be 50 drivers installed on your hub, whether you are using them for any device or not. So it appears to be designed to protect hub resources from getting overextended.

Here’s the community FAQ on managing the drivers you’ve already installed.

FAQ: List of Edge Drivers I’ve Already Downloaded?

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Once the transition is complete, I’m assuming we will hopefully have one stock Edge driver associated with each of the same device type? And if we want a custom community or have an orphaned device, what will be the process to get these? Same as what the beta testers are doing now?

If you’re asking how you use an existing custom driver, that’s pretty easy. Just follow a link the author will give you and select the individual drivers you want to download to your own hub. Then go into the device’s details page in the app to re-assign it. You can do that now if you want, you don’t have to be enrolled in the official ST beta program. (But for now if the device is currently using a groovy DTH you will have to delete the device and readd it to get it to pick up the Edge Driver. But that won’t be necessary once groovy is gone.)

To find custom drivers, use the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki:


If you are asking how to write your own custom driver, that’s a whole other conversation. :thinking:

Thanks, this looks easier than I had expected- I’ll stick with downloading for now, until I have to deal with a “thing” in October.