V2 Hub with firmware 043, but no "drivers" option in the app (August 2022)

According to what I’ve seen online, the V2 Hub with 043 firmware should be enabled with the Edge drivers. Why is it not showing up for me? Do I actually need to go and install them? Authorize something? What gives?

I also have no list of edge drivers. For me the edge drivers only appear after I install a new item or unpair and re add an device that has a fingerprint for an edge driver. Not sure if that is what is intended.

These are the edge drivers that appear on my hub, these appeared after I installed a device that supported the driver.

One method is to wait for ST to migrate your devices to Edge Drivers. At that point, you will see the Drivers that are on your hub in the Driver section under your hub.

Second method that I discourage is to remove a device, add it back and check if it moved over to an Edge Driver. But check if there is a Driver in production before attempting this option. Go with option one.

Third method is to subscribe to a developer’s channel and select a Driver to install on your hub. But if you don’t need any custom Edge Drivers, stick with first method.

So the answer to your question… the Driver list under the hub will be blank until you migrate a devic over to Edge, either manually or automatically by ST or you enroll a developer’s Custom Edge Driver.

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I believe you are talking about a totally different topic from what the OP is asking :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the detailed response. So when look at the hub device I don’t even see “Drivers” as an option in the list. It’s just not there. Is that normal? Will it not show up until I have a driver installed?

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  1. If you add a new device that has an available official edge driver in production, and you are not using a custom groovy DTH for that device, then the edge driver will be assigned when you add the device to your account. But not very many edge drivers have been released to production yet.

  2. if you are subscribed to the beta channel, some of your devices will be automatically migrated to an edge driver over the next few weeks.

  3. if you are not subscribed to the beta channel, which most people are not, then most of your devices should be automatically migrated once the official transition occurs after September 30. So you can just wait until then.

  4. if you want to try using one of the community-created custom edge drivers now, you can go ahead and do that. You will have to subscribe to the author’s channel (which you do by following a link that the author will give you). You can find these drivers in the community – created wiki:


I think you might have to remove the device and add it back to your account to pick up the new edge driver, though, but to be honest I’m not sure on that right now.

So if you haven’t done any of those four things, you will not see any edge drivers in the app yet. That’s normal. Remember that the official transition has not yet occurred. :thinking:

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try this Edge Driver. It is the Virtual Calendar Mc that you can use in Routines. I like this one and it there is no need to remove any of your current devices. After you install… check your Driver list in the hub. If you don’t want it… you can remove it there and un-enroll from the developer’s channel.

click on the link below, sign in, subscribe to his channel and select the Virtual Calendar Mc

SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.

again, if you choose not to keep it… remove it and unsubscribe from the channel

there is also the virtual creator that many like:


And that settled it. As soon as I installed the driver, the drivers option appeared along with that driver in the list. I was just really confused because a YouTube video I watched earlier made it seem like we should see all the drivers that are currently available, but I wasn’t seeing anything. I guess it only shows ones you are currently using. Thanks!