Devices lost connection

So starting a few days ago all my cree bulbs quit working. Now I can’t control any of them. I have powered them off and back on and still nothing. I have never had any problems with my cree bulbs and now they all quit. Also my ge bulbs (2) quit at the same time. But I expect that from them lol. Any ideas?
Thank you in advance

I can confirm similar issues with my WeMo bulbs. This started on the night of 7th around midnight EST

I had my Cree drop off last month after FW update to 16.13. They dropped off daily for about 3-4days. I had to reset the bulbs before they would reconnect. After about the 4th or 5th time I reset & reconnected them they finally smartened up & re-stabilized.
Submit a ticket to support so they can track the issue.

Same here. Also, devices are not found when I try to reinstall