Cannot pair Yale YRD210 deadbolt lock

So a while ago my Yale YRD210 stopped communicating with the hub. I could send lock and unlock commands but it wasn’t working with any automations. So I removed the device, following the device manual instructions. It didn’t remove on the first go, because when I tried to re–register it, the button combo 7# then 1# wasn’t working. I realized it didn’t fully remove. So then I went into general exclusion mode and did the removal again, master pin #, then 7#, then 3# and it said “A device” was removed. Then a second time I tried to add it and this is where I’ve been stuck for a while…

When I add it, go into pairing mode, then master pin #, then 7#, then 1#, the device then gives a distinct tone to indicate it registered/paired. Except the SmartThings app never shows that it did so, it never shows the device to Rename it. It sticks in the locating screen and doesn’t advance. I try again and the lock beeps and blinks, as if indicating “I’m already paired”. If I go into general exclusion and do the removal sequence 7# and then 3#, the app again says some device was removed. It appears to be registering/pairing but never gives me the application options to finish adding it.

I had Yale send me out a new Z-wave module and the same thing.
I removed the lock from the door and brought it to 5 inches away from the hub, same thing.
I reset the device, with the new module and tried pairing it 5 inches away from the hub, same thing.

The lock gives the tones that it paired, but the SmartThings app won’t advance past the locating screen, constant spinning circle.

Please help, before I have to buy a new $100+ lock. :weary:

are you using a custom device handler?

no, always whatever the system used by default. Never checked what device handler it was when the lock was originally paired and working.

Also, reset/rebooted the hub as well, same thing, will not advance past the locating screen.

Which app are you using when trying to add the lock?

iOS SmartThings classic app.

I am thinking the same as @Automated_House that a custom device handler could be causing the issue. Have you logged into IDE to verify you haven’t installed any custom device handlers for locks in the past?

I checked device handlers and found this:

rboy / Universal Z-Wave Lock With Alarms

I installed it a few years ago. Should I just delete it and try the install again?

If you do not plan To use that dth, delete it. If you are wishing to use it, consider updating it since you mentioned it was installed a few years back. If you wish to use that dth, simply open it in IDE and publish for me again. Then try to add your lock.

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Thank you to both @Automated_House and @jkp you solved my issue.
The lock is re-paired with my hub.

Now I just have to figure out what I was using that device handler for. You do stuff so long ago, you forget the reasons for your configurations, when you have to set things up again.

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I have two of these locks. Just switched them to v3 hub. Excluded them from old hub then added to v3 with no issues. One thing I notice different is that I had to use #7 then #2 to exclude. My manual doesn’t show a third setting for network

deleting the custom device handler worked to allow repairing.

Seems for installation purposes the device needs to have it’s own default device handler in place, and no custom device handlers to block it.

You’re running into the stale cache DTH issue. When a DTH is unused for a long time ST makes it stale and there a bug in the platform where it does not refresh the cache due to which it ultimate timeouts out when trying to pair the device.

The solution is just to republish the DTH which refreshes the cache and everything works fine (you don’t need to remove the custom DTH if you’re still using it, if not then it’s a good practice to remove it). See this topic for details

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@RBoy Thank you so much for the response. I will most likely republish. Also, a big thanks for your great apps. :+1:

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@RBoy I too added your device handlers recently and tried to add a YRD210ZW619 deadbolt, and am having nothing but trouble. I’ve speradically been able to add it but it doesn’t show any status (shows offline). I manually changed the DTH to your universal lock DTH. That didn’t make it work. I attempt to remove the device via the app and it sometimes looks like it removes “this device has been removed” and a 3 beep confirmation on the lock. However the device remains in ST afterwards. I’ll end up deleting it via the devices tab on the graph.api website since I can’t get it to delete any other way. I’ve powercycled both devices, tried zwave exclude the device every which way and still no luck adding.

Any help would be appreciated.

It’s a classic mesh issue of packet loss. Add a buffering repeater, bring your lock closer to your hub, exclude it and try again (with new batteries).

Fresh batteries, hub is 3’ away. I can get 3 solid beeps now and again when attempting to remove the device via smart things but the device never actually gets deleted.

Look for ghost devices. It could be an issue with the module and you may need to contact Yale support for a replacement module. If you don’t have many devices installed on your hub, it may be worth resetting it and starting over.

I’ve got 73 devices, if I had to start over I’d probably migrate to another platform. I’ll try calling Yale. I do have a Yale handle in the garage that works just fine, though this YRD210ZW is a bit older than that one. I also added the handle (newer model working fine) before I started messing with the DTHs. I’ve got a v3 hub, running 000.041.00009.

I would recommend looking and removing ghost devices first as ghost devices can cause many issues, doing a factory reset for the lock and then pairing it using the Scan nearby option. If that doesn’t work try getting a new module.