Yale Lock (YRL-220-ZW) Not Pairing

Hey all,

I just got the Yale YRL-220-ZW with Z-Wave module but am having issues getting Smartthings to see it. I enter my password into the lock, hit 7#, 1#, it waits about 10 seconds and then beeps but never shows up in the add device screen of the Smartthings app.

The lock hasn’t been paired with any hub before and I have the hub sitting right next to the lock. Followed this guide to no avail: https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/articles/204862860-Connecting-a-Yale-Deadbolt-to-SmartThings

Any thoughts?

Never hurts to do a general zwave exclude, then try pairing again. Devices are sometimes paired with a test network at the factory, it happens.

support@smartthings.com can help if that doesn’t do it.

Hi @Nicholas_Kreidberg, I had some similar problems, try to exclude the device from your smartthing hub from “General exclusion device”

Dasboard -> Gear icon -> home hub-> Zwave Utilities -> General Device Exclusion

and follow the exclusion procedure in your lock device.

Thanks for the replies @JDRoberts @ule - I did try the exclusion as outlined here: https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/articles/204862860-Connecting-a-Yale-Deadbolt-to-SmartThings but unfortunately when I get to the point of hitting 3# there isn’t a ‘3’ option, only a ‘1’.

Anyone run into this when trying to pair a Yale lock or otherwise? Bad wireless module perhaps?

Bummer–I’m sure that’s frustrating!

If the general exclude doesn’t work from the mobile app, it should also be available from the IDE. Contact support, they can help get it set up for you.

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Super frustrating considering I have a 25ft extension cord running down my stairs with a wifi repeater + the hub plugged into it. :laughing:

Anyhow - IDE as in integrated development environment? Have you had better luck connecting devices through their API (if that’s possible) or are my dev ears just leading to absurd conclusions?

Emailing support now to continue the conversation with them, thanks man!

Yeah, integrated development environment. Click on Developers at the top of this page.

It’s not that pairing works better there, but you can see logging and tell more about what the utilities are doing.

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Awesome, checking that out now!

see http://www.yale2you.com/Yale_CDN/Yale_Lever_TOUCH_Instructions.pdf - page 27 has the graphical menu options for your lock displayed. Your lock should have the “3” option for exiting the network (master pin, #, 7, #, 3, #). I’d say to give it another go and see what happens.

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Unfortunately the ‘3’ does not appear in the wireless module menu, only a 1 which makes me think that it was never paired with another hub. I still haven’t had any luck getting it to connect.

Sounds like it’s time to talk to Assa Abloy (Yale support).

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I agree with JD - maybe a hard reset is necessary as well?

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A hard reset? Which menu option is that? At this point I will try anything! Reached out to Yale via email and still haven’t heard back. :frowning:

Done hard reset and replace z-wave module, still same results. This is just plain weird considering how easy every other pairing has been.

Any update with this? I have a zigbee version that wont pair. Bought two of the same locks, first paired no problem second one shows up as an unknown “thing” in smarthtings but no function.


I had this very same issue. And I finally got it working. It really just started working one day and have no idea how or why. The same thing just happened with my Kwiksert.

Wish I had a better answer, but just keep trying.

I never resolved the issue and Smartthings was never able to figure it out. They shipped me a replacement hub and it paired on the first try. Seriously frustrating and mysterious…

Thanks for the replies, i’m going to try calling yale tomorrow and see if they can help

Hello guys. I have issues to set my Yale lock with SmartThings. Something went wrong and the option 7- 1 doesn’t show. I can only see the option 7-3 but nothing happens when I press the 3.
I need to reset the wireless network and pair it again. I already remove “ the thing” on the app.

Thanks form ur help.

I’m having the same issue… unable to see the device in the SThub. I tried RESET, Exlusion and pairing but none seems to work :frowning: