Cannot connect to Smart Home Monitor setup

I keep getting there was a problem connecting when i try to connect to Smart Home Monitor. Has anybody else this problem after updating app?

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Had to delete Smart Home Monitor and add it back in to Smartthings.

Go to Life tab, press and hold STHM

Deleting Smart Home Monitor and re-installing works. Then it goes back to the same problem. So every time you want to make a change you have to COMPLETELY start from scratch and re-configure? There must be a bug here.

For android, try clearing the app cache. Since you mention it is happening again, try removing STHM one more time, clear app cache and then reinstall STHM.

Clearing app cache would be a good idea, but that does not work, I have 2 Smartthings hubs in 2 locations with Smart Home Monitor running in both locations. ST Hub #1 works fine and I can access the settings. ST Hub #2 still gives me the “problem connecting” issue. Since I can resolve it by removing STHM and resetting all the alarm settings I know it is connecting. Once I have set it there is no going back to change it like ST Hub #1 running SmartThings Home Monitor also.

I also am getting this problem.I have deleted and reinstalled STHM with no change, can set up initially, but cannot change settings once it has been ‘added’. Cleared cache, etc.

Same problem here, I am one and done. My SMS text isn’t working as well, may be a clue, may be another problem.

I also have the same problem. Have reinstalled and cleared cache. Have connected via wifi and phone data. Have rebooted hub. No luck.

Same. Same steps, same results

Same problem here too :frowning:
Anyone from Samsung looking at this?

Same issue here. Been happening for over a month.

No steps recommended above resolve the “There was a problem connecting. Try again later.”

Same problem here. It would be nice to get this resolved SmartThings. Thank you.

I have had the same problem for weeks now.

Same problem here