Can't add home monitor on my Iphone (works on my samsung note 10)

Anyone else having an issue with trying to add the home monitor and receiving an error message, “There was a problem connecting. Try again later”?

Have tried deleting the ST app & reinstalling, clearing all app data, deleting the home monitor in the Life section with no success. My other phone is a samsung note 10 and the home monitor is working on that device.

I saw a couple of other threads on this topic which discussed turning off the text message option as a response but that is not set up in my particular case. There was another thread that claimed they had ghost devices in the IDE which needed to be deleted however that also does not apply in this case as the IDE devices match what is in my ST app. Appreciate any help with this since i can’t seem to figure it out.


You are using the same account to login on both the Note and iPhone or different accounts?

Good point and question. Different accounts logged in on both phones. I have two hubs/locations. The account used to login on the iphone is the owner of the hub/location #1 which is the one that can’t add home monitor. The iphone is a member of hub #2 and the home monitor works on the iphone for that location which doesn’t make sense.

The account on the note is just a member of hub #1 and owner of hub #2. Both hubs/locations on the note have the home monitor and no issues. Hope that makes sense.