Cannot add test device

Good afternoon.
I am facing issues with adding a test device to my SmartThings app.
I have followed the instructions on the official Samsung resources, but what I have faced so far is the following:

  1. The interface of the app is different from the official guide and I do not see the “My Testing Devices” button when trying to add a device.
  2. The official QR code generation tool in fact creates a link which eventually opens the SmartThings app and immediately crashes it.
  3. Every other step that was described on the official resources and forums - didn’t help and I still do not see the “My Testing Devices” button.
    Please advise me on the next steps as I have tried every single option and it didn’t work out
    Thank you

Hi, @Pavel_S
The “my testing devices” option appears in the “Partner devices” section of “add device”. Remember you need to enable the developer mode in the SmartThings app for it to appear.Here’s a screenshot of how it looks like:

Can you provide the steps you followed for this, please? Also, which type of device are you trying to create, Cloud or Direct-Connected?

Unfortunately I cannot find such option in SmartThings app.

You were looking alphabetically at the “M” section, right? The option “My testing devices” is at the top, in the “Recommendations” section. Is it also missing there?