"Supported devices" in new app only includes certain Samsung devices

I’ve been trying to add my devices in the new Connect app, and it has not yet been able to identify a single thing. When I go into “add device manually”, it only lists TV, AV, and Air Conditioner as categories. There are no other device handlers present in the app. Searching for devices or any keywords always returns “no results” unless it’s one of those three things.

I don’t have this problem with the Smartthings Classic app - devices show when you search for them.

I’m running the latest app version, on iOS 12.1, but since I downloaded it, it’s never showed anything other than those three categories. I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded, and no change. I have a Samsung account. I’ve installed on another device, and same issue.

Is anyone else having this problem? Am I missing something obvious?

Which hub do you have and what country are you located in?

I’m in the US, and I have V2.

Strange. They do region restrict the device categories, but you should have a whole lot more than that in the USA.

Exactly. I’ve seen those screenshots and every time I just look longingly at them.

Okay, that made me go check what country they have me in. Apparently when my account got migrated, it moved me to Jamaica. That might also explain some other stuff that has been happening. Unbelievable. I can’t edit it either.


That could be a problem! Supposedly support can change the country for your account.

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Thanks for the help - this has been driving me nuts, and at least I have a path forward now.

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