Hub itself is not listed as a device in new app

Everything is otherwise working fine in my system. I have two V2 hubs at two locations on my account. I started as a Samsung account, I did not have an older SmartThings account. Both of my hubs were activated using the Classic app, before the new app was out.

I learned in other posts that some people see the actual hub itself listed as a device in the device list of the new app. It does not show there for me.

Should I be trying to get it to show up? I have not tried to now add it, I think that would mess up a system that is otherwise working well.

For the people that see the hub listed as a device in the new app, do you also see the hub listed as a thing in the classic app under the list of things?

No, it will not display as a device in the classic app. You will see it in the More tab.

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Where is the “More” tab at ? It is actually labeled “More”
Or are you talking about clicking over “Hub is Online” ?

That’s it! When you click on hub is online. You get all the details

As for Neither of your hubs showing in the new app, it is possible your data is not synced up so you may want to contact ST support.

Initially when I started with the new app, only a very few of my other devices showed in the new app. So I did contact support back then and they did something and everything then showed up. Well everything except the hubs themselves. And I didn’t know they where supposed to show up.

Just want to make sure we are talking about the same thing. See my screenshot here from the new app. The hub itself should be an item in this list?

Support tech is trying to help but the back and forth email process is painfully slow we are not getting anywhere.

So again, are you guys saying the hub would show in this list here? What is the exact default nomenclature assuming no one changed it for a V2 hub.


Here’s mine:

OK thank you for that. Definitely a no go for me.

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