Can someone make a handler for LG washer

Just got a washer and dryer with smart thinq and realized the ifttt doesn’t work. Any chance someone has worked on this?

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Same issue here with my LG Washer and IFTT. Super annoying.

I’m also looking for a solution for this…

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Any updates on this?

I can investigate if you send me a sample washer! :smiley:


I am in the UK and have successfully used this SmartApp, Docker and DTH:

For the UK I had to make a couple of tweaks as outlined in the Issue I opened on GitHub, but it seems to be working well, all I wanted was something to detect when the washing was done and send the event to WebCoRE:

Good luck!

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(taken from GitHub issue post)

For anyone else who, like me, have a UK LG account please find below the settings which will need to be entered into the lg-config.json file in the config subfolder (changes in bold ):

“system”: {
“mode”: “Auto”,
“address”: “IP_ADDRESS”,
“port”: “PORT”
“user”: {
“name”: “admin”,
“password”: “12345”
“st”: {
“app_url”: “”,
“app_id”: “APPIDFROMST”,
“access_token”: “APPTOKENFROMST”
“smartthinq”: {
> “auth_base”: “”,
“api_root”: “”,
“oauth_root”: “

“devices”: {
“preset”: {
“country”: “GB”,
“language”: “en-US”

“pollingTime”: 1

Once you have replaced the lg-config.json file with these tweaks restart docker and your LG appliance should be detected (in my case a Washer Dryer).

If you have a combined Washer Dryer like me, you’ll need this DTH to be able to read the drying time after starting a wash:

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will this work with LG dishwasher , installed the lg connector using PI and logged into lg usa account, but connector not able to find device.

Hey Guy,

Do you have any tips to getting washer/dryer added to the LG connector app? I added it locally but the selector for “token” device type only has TV. I cannot select anything else.

Lg washer/dryer working now with smarthings , follow fison in github, you have solution.

Hi. Im struggling to acces the LG connector setings url?

it says http://X.X.X.X:30020/settings. So whare do i find the IP (URL)?

Hi Guy, thanks for this. I have a really silly question - i am running LG-Connector on docker - and the github image is stupidly stripped down - i can browse to the JSON file within the container but i cant install nano or other editor to make the changes. How did you go about making the updates?


Hi Chris,

I’m using Docker with a Synology Rackstation, therefore when specifying the docker image I am specifying a mount path /docker/lg-connector:



When I view /docker/lg-connector in File Station (the GUI file manager in Synology) I can see the log file and the config for editing:

I hope that helps.

Best wishes,

Hi. I have installed correctly DTH and app and I’m struggling to find out how to add an LG fridge through the connector.
What is the server address that is required?

PS: The fridge is currently connected to the wifi through LG ThinQ app, having an ip.

Address of the LG-Connector docker server application you need to install on a Pi or elsewhere.

Hi, can u help me about this?
I have changed the json but the “get token” button still redirecting to the korean website.

I’ve been trying to get this to work… No luck.

The only device type I have available to me when I manually add devices is “TV” though I’m trying to add a washer and dryer pair. No devices appear to be found automatically (should they be?). The “Test” button for SmartThings settings doesn’t seem to do anything. I have the settings completely filled out.

No idea what I’m doing wrong.

Try adding them manually from the IDE

Unfortunately the devices aren’t even showing up in the LG Connector docker container. I don’t know if they are supposed to auto show up from my ThinQ account, or if I need to give them a static IP and manually add them? When I choose to manually add them to the LG Connector container, my only device type is “TV”.