Looking for some sort of integration for LG Air Conditioners

I just purchased a 3 zone LG Mini Split heat pump system. The units have Wifi built in, and are accessible through LG’s “Smart” ThinQ app… which is a horrible excuse of a service.

Anyway, as they have Wifi, I thought there may be some way of getting them into SmartThings without needing to buy extra hardware a la Sensibo or Flair. I’ve come up flat on ST integration, but have found code for getting them into HASS.io. Is there any way of getting that Home Assistant code to adapt into a DTH for ST, or am I stuck setting up an instance of HASS and bridging it to ST?

Here’s the HASS code if anyone is able to take a peak - https://github.com/sampsyo/hass-smartthinq

any update on this?

Bump. I’d love to have this functionality as well. I haven’t found a way to make it work with Smarthings but the LG will work with google.

If there are enough folks interested I’ll make a bit of hardware that bridges smarthings via IR.

I still haven’t come across any integration, but also haven’t gotten a chance to play with the HASS integration that’s out there. That’s homeownership for you.

As for IR bridges, there’s plenty on the market and I feel it’s an imperfect solution to a problem that’s so easily solved on paper. I wish LG wasn’t invested in their horrible smart platform, so they’d consider opening up to other venues.

That said, if only someone could figure out how to reverse the bridge between Google Assistant controlled devices and SmartThings, we’d be in a good spot. It would be wonderful to use GA as the bridge. Slow, but it could definitely work.

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Lg aircons and tvs etc are officially supported in smartthings via IR but only if you have a galaxy home mini…which is currently only sort of available and only in korea. But it’s coming.

This integration seems to cover all ThinQ apps through the API - I have been able to get it working with my UK ThinQ washer/dryer, there’s more on this thread here:

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