LG SmartThingQ Device Integration for LG Appliances—new API, any interest?

Me also! Disappointing that LG isn’t providing decent support for this. I have an LG washer, and just bought Samsung dryer… Features wise so far, the washer was more intelligently designed. Hoping the dryer isn’t awful but this thread has me worried. Of all the things though, to me its kinda crazy that the dryer doesn’t have wifi… push notifications are a good way to try to avoid wrinkles… going to try power plug with energy monitoring for the dryer, wishing i don’t need to do this for the washer.

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Anyone make headway on this? I’m in for LG SmartThingQ integration with ST!


My experience with LG integration thus far is limited to Alexa/Echo, which offers an “LG SmartThinq” (not “SmartThings” lol) Skill that you can activate and link, so that speaking “Alexa, turn on Workroom Air Conditioner” has the desired effect.

Ironically, LG refuses to allow their Thinq app to run on rooted Android devices – or phones the app thinks are rooted – despite customer complaints, and/or lack of warning about this limitation on product labels. (I bought an LG A/C solely for the purpose of controlling it remotely, only to find that’s no longer possible since they crippled the app in this manner.)

Thus, I’m inclined to believe LG has little actual interest in promoting integrations, seeing as how lackluster the current API(s) have been on IFTTT and Alexa. Any else similarly pessimistic?

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P.S. I use the Mios Vera Plus for my home automation hub, and nobody has (yet) written a plug-in (they call them apps, written in LUA) to link Vera with LG devices.

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Have 2 Split LG Air Con wifi. Would be interested in DH to connect ST. Cheers!

100% agree. Their IFTTT integrations for the washer and dryer doesn’t even work and hasn’t for the past year I’ve had my set.

They at least published APIs awhile back and there have been some plugins in other platforms, but it seems like they have little interest in more robust and open integrations.

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There is some more detail on this thread for how I’ve been able to get my UK Washer/Dryer set up with SmartThings if it’s any interest:


Yes, please @Guy1992

need some help connecting LG account to smartthings , i have two washer registered in LG account US. I have installed LG-Connector via docker, but getting error not able to find device.

I’d definitely like to have LG functionality as well. I have a new washer, dryer and fridge. As others have pointed out, the IFTTT doesn’t work. Google works ok, but the reason I want to do this in smartthings is that the notification and controls could be powerful. I’m a recent Wink convert, so not at the webcore level yet, but would love to have a DH that I could use. Thanks

The LG IFTTT does in fact work, at least for me in the US with a washer and dryer.

So we link IFTTT to an ST virtual motion sensor/switch custom DH, which triggers when the washer/dryer is done, and then that links to Alexa to say “The washer is complete”. Which really is all we need for integration. The “native” LG integration with Alexa allows you to ask for washer/dryer status, but doesn’t allow for the push notification, we needed IFTTT for that.

How did you the washer to show up in the IFTTT channel? I linked the LG Washer to IFTTT but when creating an applet I get the Options Unavaiable as seen in this post. (I am in the US)



I haven’t ever be able to get the IFTTT channel to work either (US as well).

Here are the steps I follow to add a new Applet and what I see…

It could be a model difference. The previous years “smart” models were pretty terrible, so that could be it, or perhaps it’s related to what level of model, I have an LG Signature model so maybe it’s only supported on those?

Yeah, maybe the model matters. Mine are from 2018. I tried deleting them from the LG app and adding them back, but still no luck with IFTTT. The docker app works great for the most part, just a little delayed as I imagine it polls the service.

Thanks for the docker tip!

I tried this for a brand new washer/Dryer and this is what I get:

I do have connectivity through google home though.

We have an LG dishwasher that turns one of our LED strips blue when the dishwasher runs out of rinse-aid. It also speaks “The dishwasher needs rinse-aid” to one of the speakers in the kitchen.

I have the ThinQ app on my phone and it will notify me when things happen with the dishwasher.

I implemented this automation by creating a virtual switch in SmartThings that is switched on through IFTTT on my phone. The IFTTT trigger is an Android notification from the ThinQ app containing the phrase “rinse aid”. The IFTTT action is to turn on the virtual “Rinse Aid” switch. A Smart Lighting automation then turns on and set color on the LED strip and also turns off the virtual switch to set it for the next trigger. BigTalker was set up to say the phrase when the switch turns on.

This seems to work pretty reliably so far. It sounds more complicated to set up than it really is.


I like the work around, but I’ve got an apple (ios) phone and not sure that IFTTT has the same support for ios?

Are you based in USA? as I cannot connect and looks like anyone outside of US cant based on https://lgcommunity.us.com/discussion/1900/ifttt-help

I am in the US, but note that my “workaround” does not involve LG as a trigger in IFTTT. Our dishwasher isn’t supported by LG for IFTTT. But the ThinQ app supports it.

The LG ThinQ app on my phone knows about the dishwasher and will notify me on my phone when things happen. I then use the IFTTT Android Notification channel to check for phrases in the notification from that app, and use that as a trigger for SmartThings in the IFTTT applet.