Connecting LG washer to SmartThings - using IFTTT and new app?

I’ve got an LG Washer, not supported by SmartThings. I want to trigger some SmartThings actions based on the load finishing.

From my previous experience with the wifi plugs, I figured I could make it work using IFTTT. So I connected IFTTT to LG. IFTTT has just one trigger: “Washing done.”

I created a virtual button in SmartThings, but when I connect IFTTT to SmartThings, the simulated buttons don’t show. Just the switches. In IFTTT, there are very few actions for SmartThings. There isn’t a “press a button” action. So I created a virtual switch in SmartThings for the washer. I made an IFTTT applet to respond to the LG trigger and turn the SmartThings virtual switch on.

From there, I can create a SmartThings automation to turn on a light (or something else I’ll figure out). But the virtual switch is going to stay on. I tried to create a 2nd action in the automation to shut that switch off, but it looks like I cannot control that switch in that circumstance.

Is there a better way to do this (I’m using the new app)? Is there a way to make my virtual switch to shut off on its own?