So LG is coming up with their HA hub that plays music while controling your connected devices and Iris sensors! It should be interesting…


Interesting. The name perplexes me as it is borderline identical to SmartThings minus a few characters. In addition, it doesn’t support zWave, which in mind is a critical mistake as most of us users rely on zWave and have invested in it. Competition is good though.


Yeah, 70% of my HA devices are z-wave. For some reason, more companies are shying away from zwave. Which puzzles me, because in my experience zwave is far more solid than zigbee, although zigbee devices are more flexible to work with, so probably that’s why they are favorites?


Z-Wave is proprietary. Lots of companies don’t want to pay the proprietary tax.

But yeah, I think a hub needs to support Z-Wave and Zigbee, both. And probably Thread, too.


Good to know LG sticks with industry standards and does not try reinvent the wheel.

The hybrid speaker comes in a pair of colors (champagne gold and black), supports Alljoyn’s open source platform for ease of interoperability and its manufacturer even recently struck a deal with home improvement store Lowe’s to hook in with its Iris home system.


It maybe that z-wave was omitted by mistake? Here is a diagram of LG connected thinQs :smile:

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It has Zwave. And an IFTTT channel. But it’s not yet known what if any conditional logic options it will offer.


Interesting how CNET mentions z-wave, while LGs PR doesn’t. So I guess we will know more in few days.

From LGs PR:

“The SmartThinQ Hub plays a central role in LG’s smart home platform by collecting information from smart appliances as well as conventional devices connected to SmartThinQ sensors via Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Bluetooth. Data is displayed in the form of notifications on the LCD screen or announced through its embedded speaker, acting as the central “hub” of the smart home.”

If all that’s true around zwave, then the only issue is that hideous product name which is impossible to say and looks identical to our precious baby lmao

I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung lawyers are already sending cease and desist letters


“SmartThings” was a rather poor choice in establishing a unique and protectable brand and trademark.

Just around here we have:

  • SmartTiles
  • SmartRules
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Alarm

Though I’m not a trademark expert, LG may be in the “safe zone” by using a singular form (i.e., SmartThinQ vs SmartThinQs). And, even then, ***Q is not G***.

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Admittedly, I am not a lawyer, nor familiar with the various laws regarding branding and my comments were more tongue and cheek. That being said, you have one of Samsung’s largest competitors in the consumer electronic space coming out with a product that nearly is identical to yours and the only difference in name is TWO letters in the product. (With one of those just being a plural). I would have to imagine that Samsung is not too happy about this, but curious if they can do something about it. For one, it shows lack of imagination from LG’s side.

Perhaps a lawyer on this forum can chime in?

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I’m definitely not an attorney, But LG filed the trademark application for “smart thinq” back into 2011. And they’ve been using it for their appliances since. The hub is a new device in that line, but the name predates SmartThings. They’re in no jeopardy.

Samsung didn’t trademark “SmartThings” until 2015, btw.


Thanks for sharing. Shocked that it took until 2015 for Samsung to file a trademark patent. Perhaps the cloud caused those delays :slight_smile: Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Leave it to JD to pour in the sanity check! Nicely done maestro!


Anything new on this? I can not get my LG washer with SmartthinQ to integrate with IFTT, while it works on the smartthinq app

Given that this thread is nearly 3 years old and ST is now owned by LG’s direct competitor, Samsung, you might not find much news about SmartThinQ here anymore :smiley:

That being said if IFTTT integration is still being claimed by LG, I’d reach out to them to find out why it isn’t working. To be honest it doesn’t look like LG is taking SmartThinQ seriously since they still haven’t released the ThingQ fridge they announced back in CES 2017:

I’ve been able to adapt a DTH and SmartApp made by someone else to work with my UK LG ThinQ washer - I’ve shared more details in this thread: