Can someone make a handler for LG washer

The LG washer and dryer I bought have Smart ThinQ. However they won’t work with the LG ifttt channel. It connects but says no options. From what I have read LG Smart ThinQ is an open api. So wouldn’t someone in this community be able to write a handler so it can be connected to ST? Not looking to control it, I can do that with the app, but would be nice to get notifications so I can have them trigger the lights to flash or something.



Just got a washer and dryer with smart thinq and realized the ifttt doesn’t work. Any chance someone has worked on this?

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Same issue here with my LG Washer and IFTT. Super annoying.

I’m also looking for a solution for this…

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Any updates on this?

I can investigate if you send me a sample washer! :smiley:


I am in the UK and have successfully used this SmartApp, Docker and DTH:

For the UK I had to make a couple of tweaks as outlined in the Issue I opened on GitHub, but it seems to be working well, all I wanted was something to detect when the washing was done and send the event to WebCoRE:

Good luck!

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(taken from GitHub issue post)

For anyone else who, like me, have a UK LG account please find below the settings which will need to be entered into the lg-config.json file in the config subfolder (changes in bold ):

“system”: {
“mode”: “Auto”,
“address”: “IP_ADDRESS”,
“port”: “PORT”
“user”: {
“name”: “admin”,
“password”: “12345”
“st”: {
“app_url”: “”,
“app_id”: “APPIDFROMST”,
“access_token”: “APPTOKENFROMST”
“smartthinq”: {
> “auth_base”: “”,
“api_root”: “”,
“oauth_root”: “

“devices”: {
“preset”: {
“country”: “GB”,
“language”: “en-US”

“pollingTime”: 1

Once you have replaced the lg-config.json file with these tweaks restart docker and your LG appliance should be detected (in my case a Washer Dryer).

If you have a combined Washer Dryer like me, you’ll need this DTH to be able to read the drying time after starting a wash:

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will this work with LG dishwasher , installed the lg connector using PI and logged into lg usa account, but connector not able to find device.

Hey Guy,

Do you have any tips to getting washer/dryer added to the LG connector app? I added it locally but the selector for “token” device type only has TV. I cannot select anything else.

Lg washer/dryer working now with smarthings , follow fison in github, you have solution.

Hi. Im struggling to acces the LG connector setings url?

it says http://X.X.X.X:30020/settings. So whare do i find the IP (URL)?

Hi Guy, thanks for this. I have a really silly question - i am running LG-Connector on docker - and the github image is stupidly stripped down - i can browse to the JSON file within the container but i cant install nano or other editor to make the changes. How did you go about making the updates?


Hi Chris,

I’m using Docker with a Synology Rackstation, therefore when specifying the docker image I am specifying a mount path /docker/lg-connector:



When I view /docker/lg-connector in File Station (the GUI file manager in Synology) I can see the log file and the config for editing:

I hope that helps.

Best wishes,

Hi. I have installed correctly DTH and app and I’m struggling to find out how to add an LG fridge through the connector.
What is the server address that is required?

PS: The fridge is currently connected to the wifi through LG ThinQ app, having an ip.

Address of the LG-Connector docker server application you need to install on a Pi or elsewhere.

Hi, can u help me about this?
I have changed the json but the “get token” button still redirecting to the korean website.

I’ve been trying to get this to work… No luck.

The only device type I have available to me when I manually add devices is “TV” though I’m trying to add a washer and dryer pair. No devices appear to be found automatically (should they be?). The “Test” button for SmartThings settings doesn’t seem to do anything. I have the settings completely filled out.

No idea what I’m doing wrong.