LG SmartThingQ Device Integration for LG Appliances—new API, any interest?

LG SmartThinQ is a published REST API. LG devices (mini splits, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, etc…) use WiFi for their network connectivity. It should be possible to write Smartthings Device handlers that will allow a Smartthings hub to directly communicate with LG devices.

I’m writing this post to see if there is any community interest.



Yes! Got a new set for the wife and have been looking for some integration.

Just ordered new LG fridge, oven and microwave…
Skipped the ‘smart’ stuff. Would have spent another $2K for that… and I’m having a bit of difficulty seeing $2K worth of benefit from it. Oh, I also omitted the water dispenser. You get more room in the fridge on that door without it.

I’ve been going back and forth between which brand to purchase. I like the samsung integration, but there are some appliance features I like better in the LG. I would be interested in having the integration.

An update: they ceased making the fridge I ordered! Tried to get delivery this week, and it’s unavailable.

Ordered the ‘smart’ stuff after all, a dishwasher and a fridge.
I would definitely be interested in the DTH.

Agree. I got a LG SmartThinq washer and dryer, knowing they would only have an IFTTT channel, simply because I think they are a better washer and dryer than the Samsung units. Fast forward post purchase and it seems LG stopped supporting IFTTT (the channel is still there but it doesn’t work).

I’ve had limited success in writing my first REST API DTH for Whistle, so going to give the Washer and Dryer a whack when I get some time and will publish if successful. I doubt I will be able to get it to work with any other appliances I don’t have, but it should be easy enough for someone with those appliance to recode. Stay tuned.


I am interested in it! I ended on the LG washer and dryer after buying Samsung fridge(junk), stove (ok), robot vac (terrible), and dishwasher(returned). I would never buy a Samsung appliance after the trouble we had. I paid extra to have it all smart and the quality was horrific. The customer service was the worst. I’ll stick to the hub, but no more from them after my experiences.

I’d love to see the LG integrated into SmartThings though!

I’m sorry to hear it. My experience with Smartthings and with a Samsung smartwatch - aided by verified tales of self-decapitating Samsung washers and other malfunctioning and dangerous appliances - told me never to purchase Samsung gear again. The products are bad, and the customer service atrocious.

It’s a shame, because that fridge with the built-in screen is something I myself designed a few years ago. Terrific, awesome concept. But it’s samsung… so I skipped it in favor of LG.

The fridge screen is good. Not great. But the Smart Home Control is useless. It doesn’t work. It won’t bring up SmartThings, so I use it for everything else, ( grocery list, calendar, recipes, ring doorbell viewer).

I dunno… I set it up and while it’s limited, it is useful. I also modified the fridge. These refrigerators are pretty cool, but don’t have a designed spot for tall bottles.

Unless you look past the obvious.

I took out the center tray of the Instaview door, and inserted a piece of white PVC in its place. This forms a shallow shelf in that spot. It also opens up the front of the instaview to hold tall bottles, such as magnums of champagne :tophat:

Edit: I found out that the LG MAN63088501 shelf, which is made for the full-depth units, fits the middle shelf position of my counter-depth fridge and does exactly what I did here. Ordered and on its way :slightly_smiling_face:

Was a device handler ever made? Whats the status on this?

Absent the DTH, I’m gonna revert to Tasker for the time being.

I just got an alert from my dishwasher. This is the first time I’m running it, and I neglected to add rinse agent - the unit sent an alert telling me it would rinse more effectively with rinse agent! lol

So I’m going to load the app on my Android control tablet, and have Tasker feed these alerts to Smartthings (particularly, to EchoSpeaks).

Oh, and the instaview shelf arrived. Great fit.

I hope somebody does take on this :slight_smile:

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As a new owner of an LG dishwasher, I’ll +1 my interest for a DTH.

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I too, would like to see this integrated into ST. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s not so open source as thought. It seems that you need to fill out an application and then wait to qualify just to get an API key.

LG SmartThinQ for integration Community

I placed a request with LG to at least provide IFTTT hooks for the connected appliances. Their washer and dryer have those hooks, which means you can use them to have Alexa automatically announce when a load is clean or dry.

Provide that same trigger for the dishwasher.

Provide triggers for when a door on the fridge/freezer has been left open, or the temps are too high.

Not too much to ask, right??

They have channels that they advertise in IFTTT for the washer and dryer, but get this, they don’t work, and haven’t for the last year at least from what I can gather from other discussions on the topic. LG seems to have no interest in external integrations aside from Alexa.

I want the hooks specifically to work with Alexa! I just want it to announce things, rather than me having to inquire.


I too would also love to see a device handler developed. Recently purchased a 7808 dishwasher.

Me also! Disappointing that LG isn’t providing decent support for this. I have an LG washer, and just bought Samsung dryer… Features wise so far, the washer was more intelligently designed. Hoping the dryer isn’t awful but this thread has me worried. Of all the things though, to me its kinda crazy that the dryer doesn’t have wifi… push notifications are a good way to try to avoid wrinkles… going to try power plug with energy monitoring for the dryer, wishing i don’t need to do this for the washer.

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