Can only control a few devices all of the sudden

So yesterday, suddenly I can only control a few of my devices. All of them are online and report status. For the switches a physical toggle will show up in the history. But if I try to do anything with them via smartthings, I get “A network or server error has occurred. Try again later.” Yet some devices work fine. Supposedly the issue from yesterday (July 12th) was resolved. Not sure if this is the same or new. Anyone else having this? Support isn’t open yet this morning so I haven’t tried them yet.

I don’t have remote control of any of my switches either. I discovered that this morning when exterior lights that should have turned off automatically did not. Like you, I can turn the lights on and off via the switch and see the presses in history. But I can’t turn them on or off via the hub. Also, buttons that control switches do not get the switches to work either, so it seems to be anything that controls the switch via Zwave that won’t work.

My constantly powered smart bulbs work fine . . no problems controlling them from the hub.

Guessing it’s some sort of systemic issue maybe related to yesterday’s outage.


Interestingly, a hub in another location seems to be working fine . . .

Thanks! So I’m not crazy!! It does appear that it’s only zwave devices for me too. Guess I’ll have to wait for samsung to realize.

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And magically, everything seems to be working again…

Not mine. Rebooting the hub allows me to turn on a couple switches, but after that the control is sporadic, delayed or non-existent. Hub events list the devices as not responding or not responding to polling.