Devices not working after June 2022 update

Since the new version release last week, I can no longer control my light switches and plugs. I can see their status but cannot control them from the app or my echo devices (turn them on or off). This also happened with the 2021 upgrade. I have deleted and reloaded the app. And also unplugged my hub for 30 minutes to allow it to reset. Those two solutions fixed things back in 2021, during the last upgrade, but are not working this time. Is anyone else having “control” issues like me? Any solutions?

What model hub and what color and pattern is the led on the front?

st v3 the led light in a solid green



It is a lot of different types–I have over 100 devices in my home. Here are a few examples:

Iris smart plug 3210-L

Samsung SmartThings GP-U999SJVLDAA Smart Outlet

What is odd is that some of the same types of plugs will work (can be controlled) and others will not. And even more bizarre, some will work (can be controlled) only part of the time.

Thanks and I appreciate any advice you can offer.

this is the hub info:

SAMSUNG GP-U999SJVLGDA 3rd Generation SmartThings Hub, White

let’s focus on that comment. Is there a pattern to which you can control and those you can not. for example, the two you listed above as not being able to control are both zigbee. Are the ones you can manage z-wave? or cloud-to-cloud devices?

It seems to be Zigbee only. The zwave devices seem to be working. There is no pattern at all. For example, I have 5 Zigbee bulbs of exactly the same type/model. 2 are able to be controlled consistently and not the other three. But even worse, some times I can control the other 3.

This is identical to what happened after the June 2021 upgrade. After about a week, ST found there issue on their end and resolved it.

It looks like this upgrade had created a lot of ghost devices. I think that may be the cause of the inability to control the devices?

did you trying turning off the hub for 15 minutes, to make the zigbee devices rediscover their routes.

Sometimes I trying pairing to a diff hub.

It sounds like something wrecked your zigbee network. Have you added any new wifi access points or anything else with a 2.4 ghz radio recently in your home?

yes I turned the hub off for an hour but the ghost devices came back.

can you clarify? what do you see?

I have not changed my wifi or added any new access points. ST was fine the day before the june 2022 upgrade. The day after I started having issues. It is the same symptoms that arose during the June 2021 upgrade.

Here is best I can describe the situation.

For devices, where the zigbee route is directly to the hub, appear to be working–I can control them.

But for those zigbee devices further away from the hub, it appear that there are “unknown devices” and/or “unknow routes” between the device and the hub. This is the ghost devices I previously referred to. I can monitor those devices but I cannot control them.

Also, it looks like ST is setting up two device network IDs for the zigbee devices not able to be controlled.

And, for those devices not working, the network device IDs keep changing. That might explain why one hour a device can be controlled and the next hour it cannot be.

It is not unique to any type of device, In fact yesterday, I had one device not able to be controlled while a second device of that exact same type/model was working.

Again, this exact same thing (ability to monitor but inability to control certain zigbee devices) happened after the June 2021 upgrade.

Probably a good time to contact ST support and let them investigate.

Thanks–yes i contacted ST yesterday and they opened a ticket.