Life360 Can't Add a Life360 Place

So since presence in the new app is hosed, I decided to try Life360.

I opened Classic and installed Life360. I was able to log in fine, but when I get to the Life360 Places page which requires selecting a location, the tap to set control is not enabled and can’t be selected. Logged off and back on with no change.

In the new app, I can load Life360 from Linked Services, but it takes me to the same Life360 Places page, where the tap to set control is also not enabled and not selected.

I have two locations in my ST account, one migrated, one not. Did this from the migrated location, in case that makes a difference.

Thoughts? Thx.

Add places in Life360 app, not in SmartThings app.

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Thanks. I have five or so places added via Life360. Both the predefined, like Home and Work, and family places, but it doesn’t appear ST can see them.

I got it. For whatever reason, places I added via the app on my phone didn’t get registered on my account. I discovered this when I logged into the account via my computer. I added places there and I can now “see” them in ST.

Just to confirm, the only way to integrate Life360 to ST is by using the Classic app?

At this point, that is correct. You can manage an existing life360 integration in the new app under menu > settings > linked services.

And since the old Classicc app is no longer working, there is currently no other way how to add Life360? :open_mouth:

Unfortunately I do not see life36é in my linked services :frowning: propably because I did not add it before Classic app was discontinued.

With the new app you need to add it using the “tmleafs: Life360” smart app. You do not use linked services anymore.

that is not working anymore

What’s not working anymore? Are you referring to installing, it working in general or adding places? I can’t speak to installing as I did that some time ago, but L360 is running just fine with my ST. I have the L360 users displayed on my ST dashboard, they indicate properly and the history reflects them coming and going… If you are referring to places, then there is a very low limit to how may places you can have with the free version.

Setting up new, you can’t add a place. The list isn’t populated.

I seem to recall an issue with that. Set the places up in L360, not ST.

Also, with the free account I think you only get 2 places.

I have one place, home, set up in 360

This is where I’m at too. I have my home configured in LIfe360 but when I try to add Life360 as a SmartApp in SmartThings, I get the same blank list and no places to select.

EDIT: I found a Reddit post from two years ago where someone described a similar problem. Their solution was to add their home as a Place via the Life360 website, not the app. Unfortunately, it seems like Life360 has phased out their web interface and is mobile only now.

Yes, it looks like they discontinued the website in May. They are supposedly working on a new site but the FAQ is a bit vague in that regard.

Did you install via the TMLeafs SmartApp?

I did, it’s in the screenshot above.

Yep. Installed TMLeaf’s SmartApp and device handler through the IDE, enabled OAuth on the SmartApp and both are published.

I’ve sort of lost track of the issue, @SLDR and @JimBro . Is it that you cannot add a place? Did you try through the L360 app. You only get 2, I think, with the free version. I’m pretty sure I added mine via the web app which you can’t do anymore. Not sure about the phone app. I definitely didn’t add places via ST.