Life360 App not avilable in V3 app

I was using Life360 with the new ST app. In trouble shooting, I deleted the app, when I went to re-install the app, the option was not there.

Is there a way to get the Life360 app back? Is there maybe a code out there to use?

It can only be added from the Classic app if you removed the Life360 (Connect) app. if you only removed the Life360 device, you can go to Settings : Connected Services in the new app and see if you can reinstall the device through the Life360 (Connect) <-- doubtful though. pretty sure you will need to use the Classic app.

In the classic app there use to be an option for social, it’s no longer there. Any way of getting an older version of the classic app?

For me it’s showing under the “More” category

Thanks, I had to uninstall the classic app, when ever I went to it it turned off my “use phone location” in the new app.