Button does not trigger routine on second press

Using Sonoff buttons I have set up several routines to turn lights on and off. I tried to create multiple routines for a single action.

  1. Turn on lights dim if they are off and it is night.
  2. Turn on light bright if they are off and it is day.
  3. Turn lights off if they are on

Attach all three routines to the click event of the Sonoff button. The first press should turn the light on, dim at night or full during the day. The next press should turn it off.

The first press works but subsequent presses do nothing. If I double click or hold the button, the next single press works but then subsequent presses again fail until some other function is used.

The user interface shows that the hub is seeing the presses but it fails to execute the routine unless a different function was used before it.

There is a reported bug in the Zigbee Button beta driver handling of the Sonoff buttons. It is missing a setting to treat all button events as state changes.

Oh I see it is actually fingerprinted in the production channel too. I hadn’t noticed that. Then again it would have only been available for beta testing for a day or two by then and it was even more broken, so why would I look?

This custom driver works [ST Edge] Driver for SONOFF SNZB-02

Thanks Patrik. I installed the driver and it shows a lot of new capability including things like two, three and four presses. I tried it out but it still does the same thing as standard one where you need to activate a different function to get the original function to be processed again.

I am trying to make a couple of routines that turn a scene on if one or more lights are off and turn it off if any of the lights are on. Clicking once activates correctly but the next click is ignored. Double click, which is not configured to do anything, then click once again and the other routine works.

Never mind. I see the problem. I did not fully install the drivers. It is working fine now. Many thanks.

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