Zooz ZEN32 scene controller issues

I’m using the ZEN32 small buttons to trigger automations and turn toggle the associated LED indicating the action had completed, for example a single press would turn on several lamps plus the LED and a double press to turn everything off. The problem is that the LED would occasionally get out of sync and be on when the lamps were off.
To simplify troubleshooting (after a factory reset and re-inclusion into SmartThings) I created 2 simple routines: a single press of button 1 turns button 1 LED on and a double press turns it off. With repeated cycles I found that 25-50% of the time a double press (even though correctly registered in SmartThings history) did not turn the LED off. A second double press or single press of any button turns the LED off, ready to repeat the cycle.
Zooz support is unable to reproduced the issue with the same routine and device/hub firmware and I don’t know what else to try. I have 2 ZEN32 devices installed with Edge drivers and both behave same way.
Any one any ideas?

post screenshots of your relevant automations please?

Attached are the 2 routines.
“B1 On” never fails to turn on the LED, “B2 Off” turns off the LED half the time.

The history screen shot shows a sequence of on/off cycles, when the double press fails to turn off the LED a second double press does the job but there’s never a second “always off” entry.

FWIW, I have two ZEN32s and i get sporadic response like you’re describing from both. I can go half a dozen interactions (single press, double, held, doesn’t matter) and things trigger as expected. Then, I will get a failure … Mine are on the Edge driver. I have no clue whether it’s hardware, network/mesh (honestly doubtful) or what. At this point I cannot be bothered to spend any more time to figure it out.