Smart Lighting app issue

So, I am using a SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY ZigBee 2 Button Wireless Dimmer Switch
as a two button remote to control two lamps on/of state that have Lifx bulbs. Top button turns on/off one lamp, bottom button the other. The app is setup to toggle the state.

After resolving an ST API issue with ST the solution works very well, except for one annoyance. If a bulb is turned on through another process outside of SmartThings, you have to press the button twice to turn the lamp off. According to the logs the first press tries to turn it on again, and the second turns it off.

This is confusing because it looks like the device handler is polling the bulbs for their status, and is updating them. Therefore it shouldn’t think the light is turned off.

Good catch. Since its using all supported devices and apps, have you submitted the bug to support?

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Not yet, I wanted to try here first. My previous experiences with support has me putting that off as a last result.

hmm, in my experience if you’re using all standard devices and features, then they are very receptive and helpful. Give them a shout. There isn’t anything anybody here can do about a standard app like Smart Lighting.