Hub detects button but won't control device

I have a ST button, and a Hank Z-Wave Plus Four button. On the ST button, when I press it, the app shows in the device history that it was pushed. But the light won’t come on. However, I can turn the light on and off with the app. I’ve tried resetting the button as well as removing it from the app and adding it again with no luck.

On the Hank button, I have to push the button twice to get it to respond. If I press it once, it will show that in the device history on the app that it was pressed, and it’s not set to have to be double pressed. It’s like it is in sleep or something and the first push wakes it up, except the hub detects the push.

Have you assigned actions to the button presses, like with Smart Lighting or the Automations option in the new app?

The button itself will not trigger anything, only if you set what do you want to happen.

The toggle lights option is a bit of a misunderstood concept. The toggle applies to the button what you press. If the lights has been turned off from the app, then it takes two presses to turn it on again with the same button.

But you could give more details of your setup, if you want any useful advise.

My apologies on one part that I left out - I was late.

These are set up using Smart Lighting under Smart Apps, but what I left out was that these are not a new set up. I’ve had the smart button for almost a year, and the Hank for a few months. But suddenly, out of the blue, they don’t want to work right.

While I’m at it, something else I forgot about until just now, I have an automation set up so that when I come home a night, it turns on several lights in the house. Long story short, the automation is setup so that if a particular outside light is off, the house is set to away, and my phone arrives home, it turns these lights on. (There’s a good reason why for those three things.) What’s I’ve found is happening is as soon as the one light turns on, it triggers this automation even if I’m not home. I will be at work, and look at the app, and it turns on the other lights. So in other words, it’s triggering only on the two parts, not three as it is supposed to.

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