Smart button + smart switch == dumb combination?

I am using the SmartLighting app to control a Zigbee switch. I want to control the light using an addition button. The button is a Xiaomi button with a single push action. My setting:

What do you want to do?
Turn On

Select Trigger

Which button
Xiaomi Button

Button number

Button action

Toggle on & off

I can set up the button to trigger a toggle. However, doing so only accounts for the state of the button and not the switch’s. i.e. if the light was turned on manually, pressing the mi button 1 time does nothing. I have to press it again to turn it on. Vice versa if the light was turned on by button and turned off via switch manually.

I previously used 2 SmartApps to address this. One to turn light on when switch is off and another to turn light off when switch is on.

This worked for 2 years, until my switch went bad and need to be replaced. Now, when I set it up again using the new SmartThings app, it no longer work properly. It appears that now 1 action caused both SmartApps to be executed one after another. One action will cause the light to turn off and immediately turned on again.

Is there a simple solution to this simple scenario?

Use first option

Which SmartApp are you using? I am using the Smart Lighting by SmartThings, the switch is a GE Zigbee switch and the 3rd option is “Mirror Behavior” and it only mirrors another switch, not for controlled by a button.

This is done in Automation

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Thank you! Switch to use Automation instead of SmartApps and it is just so much easier!

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More importantly though,i have ended up with a smart lightning system that my Flush-munted dimmers or switches, American Education Services combined with a control element Keep in mind that these buttons are in no way exposed in the Hue app.