Bug: Retrieve Custom Capabilities Files

Hi there,

As of recently, my Home Assistant integration for Samsung Soundbars utilizing the SmartThings API has troubles of retrieving the status of custom capabilities like “/sec/networkaudio/soundmode” and others.

It seems somewhere in February / March something changed. This change is not only affecting me, but also other using my integration. Still this is also confirmed outside of my integration.

The following call:

        url = API_DEVICES + "DEVICE_ID" + "/commands"
        api_full = "{'commands':[{'component': 'main','capability': 'execute','command': 'execute', 'arguments': ['/sec/networkaudio/eq']}]}"
        resp = await session.post(url, data=api_full, headers=request_headers)

should put a new status into the “main.execute.data” status. While the response says that everything should be fine:

{'results': [{'id': 'RESULT_ID', 'status': 'COMPLETED'}]}

It is not displaying the executed status when retrieving it with:

url = API_DEVICES + "DEVICE_ID" + "/components/main/capabilities/execute/status"
request_headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}
resp = await session.get(url, headers=request_headers)

Which was working a few weeks / days ago.

Is there any way to get a statement on whether this is a bug / an official issue, or if the SmartThings API changed? Because the Changelog does not list a change that would indicate something.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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