Get info from API

Using the api:

curl -H `Authorization: Bearer TOKEN’ -X GET

I dont get much info about temperature and so on. But if using the ios smarthings app I can see the temp. How can i pull this data from the api?

I think the formatting/template in the api is wrong? But where is the ios app getting its data from?

Hi, @jacha05, welcome to the SmartThings Community!

So, in the API you see a null value for the temperatureMeasurement capability?
Is the model of your Samsung Oven NV9900J?

Hi, @nayelyz

No the model is NV73J9770RS

Ok, can you send me a DM with the following information, please?

  • Name of the device
  • Email account where you installed those devices

Maybe I have a to new account, the direct message does not pop up on my screen. Can you message me and I reply?


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I just sent you the message, please take a look.

I have the same oven: NV73J9770RS and the API say its NV9900J and can se the same information as Jacob
But how does the phone app get all the information.

Welcome to the SmartThings Community, @Sdahl1234!

This is the information we have so far by analyzing Jacob’s case.

The team checked the profile assigned to the device (list of capabilities used), and they noticed the temperature and the other values are not available. They’re trying to investigate more about the root cause.

More details

To attempt to shed light on why some capabilities might show up in the ST app but not on the API side, the team shared these details:

  • The phone client (ST app) uses OCF’s COAP protocol, which allows the physical device to define its resources (such as the temperature values).
  • So, these values can be written there by the device and as a result, they can be displayed by the app.
  • The APIs do not work via OCF, but, the profile is the manifest of what values are available to be accessed from there.