Soundbar hidden "execute" api

I am currently creating a custom integration for my Soundbar (HW-Q935BWWB-1010.0) for HomeAssistant.
All of the basic features worked right out of the box using the pysmartthings python package. But some of the “extra” features are giving me a bit trouble. (bassmode, nightmode, eq, Space-Fit Sound, channel level, …)

I could easily edit the first three with the correct “command” and the API call:[DEVICE_ID]/commands
Sample payload:

{'commands':[{'component': 'main','capability': 'execute','command': 'execute','arguments': ['/sec/networkaudio/advancedaudio',{'': 0 }]}]}

'/sec/networkaudio/advancedaudio' can also be /sec/networkaudio/soundmodes or /sec/networkaudio/eq for example.
The options I already found are: soundmode, eq, audio, woofer, advancedaudio

Sadly I couldn’t find the options for space-fit sound, channel level, rear speaker mode and active voice amplifier.

Would it be possible to get more information on those?

Thanks a lot in advance.
Best Samuel