Bug in Color Coordinator MarketPlace App

Nothing happens when I invoke the app from the MarketPlace. Looking at the log, I see:
1:03:07 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘id’ on null object @ line 36
As this occurs already before activation of the SmartApp mainPage, I’, left with multiple “dead” instantiations of the app that I cannot remove as I cannot get to the pageAbout page which offers the uninstall option…

Is there a way I can uninstall a SmartApp instantiation from “outside” the app itself?

Just had this occurred to me as well. I have 4 dead instances.

Still a bug but you can get rid of the bad installs.

Login to the api page.
Select 'My Locations’
To the right of your location will be a link ‘smart apps’, click that
Select ‘Edit’ under the large graphic
Click ‘Uninstall’ for each Color Coordinator

That should help until someone figures out why this app isn’t working.


Thanks for the tip, I had the exact same issue.
Is there an another smart app that can sync the color of several smart led ( in my case the color temp of some OSRAM lightify white)?

Sorry for the silly question, but where’s the API page?


Thanks! Managed to uninstall them. Didn’t know the IDE had this option. Good to know!

Hope the author of the app will fix this such that others don’t run into the same thing.

You can also add virtual devices here.

Until I found out this was broken I was going to create a Virtual Philips Hue Bulb that I could control via SmartTiles, then use Color Coordinator to change ‘groups’ of lights in my house. That way one button control over a group of lights in the house :slight_smile:

Hope they fix this one soon.