Smart App Color Coordinator doesn't load

When I go to the marketplace/smart apps/lights and switches/color coordinator, it never loads the next screen. When I choose any other app, it immediately goes to the next screen to let you choose your devices. Anyone seeing the same?

Yes. Very annoying… I had to manually remove in the IDE too…

Is there another “working” smart app that allows me to coordinate various lighting colors between bulbs?

Yeah did not realize it added an instance every time I pressed it. I had to uninstall in the ide too, about 20 copies of it…

I tried adding this SmartApp and it didn’t appear to work. Pressed it a few more times, still nothing. Later discovered I had added multiple installs of the SmartApp that refuse to do anything.

I see that some of you were able to remove it from the IDE. Can someone further explain, as I do not see the SmartApp listed here which is where I would expect to see it.

I had the same problem trying to delete the Color Coordinator SmartApp from IDE after inadvertently installing multiple instances, but finally figured it out. When you go into IDE: (1) click on Location, then (2) scroll down to “Installed SmartApps;” (3) click on “List SmartApps” which will open a page listing all of the installed SmartApps and will show all instances of Color Coordinator, (4) then click on “Edit” near the top of the page, which will give you the ability to uninstall any of the listed SmartApps. After uninstalling the SmartApps, click on “Done” at the top of the page.

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Thank you, this fixed it for me! I can’t believe it was this tricky to find this page, SmartThing’s IDE could use some UI/UX improvements.