Brand new, hub not found


Thank you for your advice. I did connect the hub to router using Ethernet but still cannot find " HUB" catergory in the app. I resetted several times but nothing is getting better. Pls advice!

Hi Mark, I have the same hub like your first one(model, M/N) and it doesnt show up at the app also. Pls share with me how did you connect the new one you bought after the first one failed?

I bought a new one and it followed the instructions. Nothing special. I chalk it up to the fact that first one had some sort of issue.

What region are you in?

Hi Jkp, i’m currently in Vietnam now. Do you think VPN is the matter? I changed vpn to US, created new acc but still cannot find find the hub.

Thank you Mark. Lets me give it some try b4 giving up!!

Yes, there are a few threads on here in regards to setting up a new v3 hub in an unsupported country.

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