SmartThings hub v3 setup not possible, led green

Hi I just got a new SmartThings v3 hub and wanted to connect it with a Schlage key log. But I am not even able to setup the hub. According the manual after connecting it to the ethernet and the DC the lamp should start blinking green and red. But in my case the led is in the boot phase Blue and the continuous green. When I start the SmartThings app (not classic) the app doesn’t find the hub. Adding the device manually in the hub is also not possible as the app doesn’t show this hub. Any idea what the problem can be?

Try …
Physically factory reset SmartThings Wifi

  1. Insert a pin or a similar tool into the RESET hole, located on the back of the Hub, and then remove the tool when the LED on the front goes dark.
  2. The LED will turn off and the Hub will reboot. When the LED blinks red and green, the Hub is ready to connect again.

Have to forget to say that I already tried to reset 3 times. And the led behavior is always the same. Is the hub probably defect?

Which app are you trying to use to set up the new hub? You have to use the new SmartThings Samsung Connect app for the V3 hub. You can then go back to ST Classic after you set it up. Green means it’s connected to the Lan/Cloud. Green is good. :slight_smile:
Are you following these instructions:

If you are, and it’s not working, contact support.

Hi, did you resolve the issue? I have the exact same problem. Thanks,