Bose soundtouch 10 won't connect to smarthings

My bose soundtouch isnt connecting to smarthings. I’ve added it to the bose app,its on the same wifi as the smartthings hub. I’ve tried both the classic app and the new smartthings app. Has anyone had this problem

Nope, you not the only one w/ issues:

I’m having the same issue - Soundtouch 30 won’t connect despite being connected to WiFi (It’s playing over WiFi as I type).

Smartthings just hangs at 60%.

Anyone with a solution?


Exactly the same problem! Reporting from Colombia.
Just purchased the Soundtouch 300. Firmwares udated but ST (v2) does not recognize the device.
60% and keep searching till the issue report.

Please Smartthings do something to fix it. The future is now.

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any update on the issue