Bose Soundtouch 10 integration issue

Hi people. Long time reader but first question!

I recently bought a Bose Soundtouch 10 in the hopes to connect it to my SmartThings system. I bought it, took it home and set it up using the Bose app and everything was fine. Even connected to my Alexa system so that I could activate it via voice, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to connect it to SmartThings. I thought it would be a piece of cake and the system would just detect the Bose Soundtouch 10 unit and integrate it to my network of things. However it just won’t pick it up.

I also noticed that there are various SoundTouch 10 models out there with different model numbers. The model on the official integration page is 731396-1100 but I’ve seen 731396-2200 and 731396-5100. Do all Soundtouch 10s or just the the 1100? Would love to know your thoughts on this. Is there another way to work around the direct integration? Either through a logitech harmony hub or something else?

I’d ideally like to use it for notifications and turning on music as sunrise/sunset etc.

Don’t think the different model numbers should matter. I have two Soundtouch 10s.

Try adding the speakers manually with the instructions below:

Have the same issue here. Does the Manually add things and still not finding my 2 Bose Soundtouch 10.

Did somebody have an idea of the solution?

All of your devices need to be on the same wifi network. Then it should work.

Did any one solve this issue as mine will not conect at all

I got this to work by making sure everything was on the same wifi network.

I’m really puzzled with this as well.

I have two houses with a smartthing hub and 3 Bose SoundTouch (20, 30 and Portable) in each location.

For the past couple years I preferred the Bose speakers not be on SmartThings. Every time I added anything to SmartThings the Speakers would show up and I’d have to remove them.

Now, I want them on smartthings.

For the life of me they won’t show up now.

One thing different is I’ve also added them to Alexa but I tried removing that as well.

What’s going on

I am having an issue as well. I had 2 speakers connected for over a year now.
One of them went offline in smartthings and not matter what I do, I can’t add it back.
It still works through alexa because alexa is also connected to the bose skill but not through smartthings.

I tried removing it, clear the cache and doing the discovery.
I also tried to remove it, re-attaching it to the soundtrack app (successfully) and then do the discovery.

The 2nd speaker is still connected to smartthings and working without an issue.
Any thoughts?

Not just the Soundtouch 10.